Nancy Pelosi was all smirks and smiles when she was asked why so many House Republicans are retiring in 2020.

She has a stupid theory.

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Pelosi claims GOP lawmakers are retiring because they know a Democrat will win the White House and they’ll be in the minority.

Pelosi believes that GOP lawmakers would rather retire and spend time with their families than deal with a Democrat president and a minority in the House.

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No lady, that’s not why.

The reason why GOP establishment lawmakers are retiring in 2020 is the same reason these establishment pukes retired en mass in 2018 – to help ensure the Democrats retain control of the House.

But ‘why’ are they helping Dems?

Sure, some may be leaving because they hate president Trump and want to see him fail. However, could it go deeper than that?

Rush Limbaugh has an interesting theory on why these lawmakers are leaving. In a nutshell, Rush floats the idea that these folks are being blackmailed into retirement.

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We’ve all got something in our closets. We’ve all done something that we don’t want people to know about. I think the Democrats are finding dirt, and they’re going to these Republicans, and they’re saying, “Do you want people to know about this? We are glad to publicize this about you.” “Oh, no, no. No, no! Please don’t.” “Well, okay. Then you gotta retire.” Now, I can’t prove it, but some of this stuff — and some of it may be legitimate. I mean, people retiring after ten years, they may think it’s enough. It’s five terms.

But it’s a lot of power to be giving up. But it just seems to be that these retirements are predominantly Republican, and it’s all happening under the radar. You hear about another retirement here, retirement there. They never add up in your mind. They’re all indiscriminate, little isolated stories — and what’s odd? Nothing’s odd about somebody retiring from Congress. But it seems there’s an exorbitant number of Republicans doing so, and I just have my suspicions about it. That’s all.

Everybody wants to chalk it up to the fact that people don’t like Trump. And there may be some of that, but there’s clearly something else going on. And it does involve people being called RINOs and so forth. I mean, we’ll dig deep into this. But I just wanted to call your attention to it. It’s, like she said, a big issue in Texas. But it’s not… You have to be paying attention to this kind of thing before it will cross your radar screen because it’s not something that’s all over the daily media — and it’s happening in some other places too.

What I really think is going is that a lot of this is being done as opposition research, dirty tricks, what have you, by Democrats, who are hell-bent on taking back Texas or converting Texas to their column. And, you know, the Democrats… Keep one thing in mind. After Obama was elected… People forget this. Barack Obama was a Death Star for the Democrat Party. After his two presidential elections, the Democrat Party lost over 1,000 seats total. Not just in the Congress, of course, but we’re talking statehouse, state senate, governorship, any number of offices. He was just horrible. [Rush Limbaugh]

Watch the C-SPAN video where Pelosi shares her reason for why GOP are mass retiring from the House.

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