Elizabeth Warren is ready to make her power move to take down the Democrat frontrunner who she’s trailing behind in most polls.

Warren is now teaming up with political loser Hillary Clinton, in order plow through the 2020 field.

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is seeking expert advice on how to defeat the remaining 2020 Democratic presidential nominees and, according to NBC News, she’s turned to failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton for advice.

Earlier reports indicated that Clinton, determined to re-litigate her 2016 defeat at the hands of then-New York real estate investor Donald Trump, had been reaching out to a potential 2020 candidates, offering her sage advice (though it’s not entirely clear she’s come to terms with precisely why she lost the contest herself). A handful of candidates reportedly took her up on her offer to chat, but Warren has, NBC says, kept an open line.

“The two women have kept a line of communication open since the Massachusetts senator decided to run for president — though only a conversation around the time of Warren’s launch has been previously reported — according to several people familiar with their discussions who spoke to NBC on the condition of anonymity because of the political sensitivity of private interactions,” the outlet reported Sunday. [Daily Wire]

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I’m no political consultant, but is asking advice from the woman who is a 2x White House loser really a good game plan?

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Top on her list of potential allies, it seems, is Clinton. Warren wants Clinton’s support base — specifically the middle-aged leftist women who make up the core of the “Resistance” — and Warren likely understands that while Clinton is now a pariah among Democrats, she still holds sway within the party and wields power over some of the Democrats’ biggest donors (and, of course, the “superdelegates”).

Clinton, of course, wants to be known as a vocal supporter of female presidential candidates — and there aren’t many of those left with an actual shot at the nomination. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Clinton’s heir apparent and her successor in New York dropped out of the race after months of pointless campaigning. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has never been a close ally of the Clintons, and most of the rest of the field is too little-known to have any real chance at snagging the nomination. [Daily Wire]

Well, one things for certain – no matter how hard we try, the American people simply can’t get rid of Hillary Clinton. She’s like one of those really annoying houseflies that buzz around your head mocking you, and daring you to try and swat it away.

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