Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama is a die-hard Trump supporter.

So, you can imagine the buzz he created when he took to Twitter to float the idea of launching a campaign to run against accused adulteress Ilhan Omar.

Malik Obama is a naturalized U.S. citizen who currently lives in Kenya, so the logistics of him running in the U.S. are still up in the air.

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Also, there’s the question if Obama is actually serious about taking on Ilhan Omar.

Would he really consider running for office in the United States?

What a sight that would be if he did, right?!

It’s not clear if Malik Obama would meet the eligibility requirements to run in Omar’s Minnesota district.  He’s a (naturalized) U.S. citizen, but he resides in Kenya. Apparently, the number of wives he has cannot be accurately determined, and may be as many as 12.  (Some of those are likely no longer officially his wives.)

It’s also not clear that Malik Obama is actually proposing to run for Congress.  He tweeted a question to that effect on Friday.

In 2013, he ran for governor of the Kenyan county of Siaya.  Reportedly, his slogan for the campaign was “Obama here, Obama there.”  The implied allusion to a special connection for Siaya County, if its governor were an Obama, doesn’t seem to have swayed many voters.  Obama pulled fewer than 3,000 votes, some 140,000 behind the winner.

But Obama did emerge in 2016 as a supporter of Donald Trump.  That seems to be why he @-ed Trump in the September 6 tweet.  Malik Obama was Trump’s special guest at the third presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in October 2016, reportedly wearing a MAGA hat. [Liberty Unyielding]

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We’re not sure how successful Mr. Obama would be, however. Back in 2013, the “other” Obama unsuccessfully ran for office in Kenya.

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