Gina Cherelus is a researcher and fact-checker for the progressively slanted New York Times.

And thanks to Newsmax host John Cardillo who has uncovered some very damning information about her, she can add stone-cold racist to the mix. What type of vetting process is the New York Times running if they miss a history of pushing racist language toward a people inside this country? Time and time again, the people over at the New York Times reveal their evil nature against conservatives, which turn out to be nothing more than a pure projection from who they are.

Cherelus works for the opinion section of the paper, and although her past tweets using homophobic and racist slurs have been deleted, some are still accessible of her Twitter timeline.

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Cardillo has posted screenshots of tweets (now deleted) from Cherelus’ account in which she used words like “fa***ts” and “d**es” while also spreading racist hate to Asians, Latinos, and “white people.”

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We’ve known for years that leftists are the most racist people in all the western world. They pretend that everyone else is, and the media whores are in the bag for them. People are slowly finding out what is really what. The effort to impeach Trump for no reason and the second go-round to attack Kavanaugh with vicious lies is exposing the left as the lying, loathsome, horrific sociopaths, they are.

Some of Cherelus’s tweets apparently date as far back as 2011. In one screenshot, Cherelus wrote, “Nahh, too many dykes on my floor.”

In another apparent tweet, she wrote: “I know, I’d rather that too :/. Not faggots smh lol.”

Cherelus appears to have used the term “wetback” in one tweet and made repeated disparaging remarks about white people.

“Some white people really just don’t get it… Trying so hard to argue against something you JUST DON’T GET,” one screen shot shows.

Another tweet referring to white people was still accessible on her Twitter account late Tuesday. [Breitbart]

All it takes is a simple search. Blindly support those who are on your side politically because the ends justify the means no matter what they overlook. Simple searching is something these “educated” liberals are too intellectually lazy to do. Or perhaps, their subconscious won’t let them do it because it would destroy the entire house of cards get built their beliefs on.

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Love or hate Trump, you have to admit that he’s been incredibly useful in exposing the Democratic Party and MSM as the commie socialist bigots we’ve always suspected them of being.

Nowadays, people who call themselves ‘fact-checkers’ tend to be propagandists.

The reason the Dems hate Pres. Trump is that they are not used to someone who swings back and stands up to their lies and distortions.

Keep on swinging back Pres. Trump, that’s why we love you.


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