It’s better than bring your drugs and guns to school, by far.

NFL New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brews recorded a video public service announcement for students participating in an awesome call to action for those who love the Lord.

Here’s the video message: “Hey, guys. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 2 Corinthians 5:7: For we live by faith, not by sight. So I want to encourage you to live out your faith on ‘Bring your Bible to School Day’ and share God’s love with friends. You’re not alone.”

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Nothing wrong with that except if you are in today’s society and anti-God reprobates are trying to destroy what we have left in our country that constitutes Christianity.

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An LGBTQ group, or like Dave Chappelle calls them, the Alphabet People, took Brees’ innocent message and tried to turn it into some evil. BigEasy Magazine responded to the quarterback’s message with an article titled; “Drew Brees Records Video for Anti-LGBT Religious Organization.”

If an organization doesn’t believe in your way of life, what business do you have shut them down? That’s their right and you, on the other hand, should move on because you are or should be confident in yourself that whatever someone says about you shouldn’t matter.

Watch Brees’ video message here:

It wasn’t long that Democrats voted out God from their platform. They are the party of atheistic anarchy. They could care less about a civil society but want one where they are allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and everyone should be made to accommodate their wishes. In other words, they want to be lawless animals with self-god complexes who expect everyone to bow before them or else. I wonder with so many “gods” who will be left to worship them?

LOVE one another, isn’t that the message the left keeps promoting? Oh, wait…

Well done Drew and Focus on the Family. I hope many kids heed this advice and take their Bibles to school. I believe America is where we are today because God has been left out/forced out of the classroom and society. He’s waiting for our little ones to “come to me.”

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Don’t cave or apologize, Drew. God likes what you did but doesn’t like what the attackers are doing. Seriously though. Why don’t these cowards go after Islam the same way? Christian’s say turn away from your sin. Muslims kill you for it. Isn’t that worse? Or are they cool with Muslims killing gays because it can coincide with killing babies? Maybe they only go after Christian’s because Jesus is Truth and everything else is lies.

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