On the surface, it appears as if Nadler and the Democrats are doing what they always do – acting like unhinged kooks.  So, when Nadler and co. brought up impeaching President Trump, conseveratives shrugged, laughed, and said ‘bring it on.’

However, it turns out there’s more to Nadler’s impeachment plans than meets the eye. There’s a “secret plot” brewing just beneath the surface that could spell big trouble for President Trump (and future presidents). Thankfully, the DOJ is aware of it, and they’re striking back.

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Recently, I covered Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee passing rules for an “impeachment inquiry.” As some of us have speculated for months now, this was simply an attempt at stealth impeachment, i.e. getting to use the benefits of impeachment (grand jury access, increased subpoena power, etc.) without having too actually pass articles of impeachment.

The game in this case is that Nadler wants to pretend he’s emperor with no guidelines while not having to pay the political price of having House Democrats actually vote as a majority to impeach. There’s noway the courts should allow that and it would present an enormously dangerous precedent if allowed to proceed. [Red State]

Now, the DOJ is striking back, signaling they aren’t going to take this nonsense lying down.

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You can read the full document here.

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Here’s what this all boils down to:

Democrats are hoping that the courts will go along with this stunt and grant them basically “unlimited power” in order to investigate the president. If it works out for them, they could probe Trump without having to go through the “proper channels.”

Easy peasy.

Furthermore, if this does end up happening, it will set a game-changing precedent, by giving the House majority the power to literally “target” the president based on “hunches” or “gut feelings.”

So, let’s hope and pray that the DOJ is successful in shutting Nadler down.

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