After hearing for months and months about the ‘sterling’ reputation of the ‘square-jawed Marine’ Bob Mueller, it turns out that, once again, the fake news media may have been pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people. Shocking allegations from victims of the 9/11 attack on America are demonstrating once again, with our corrupt mainstream news media, nothing ever is quite as it seems.

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After a lengthy investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller charged Russia made “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election” and said the incursion “deserves the attention of every American.”

But former FBI investigators say their old boss didn’t feel the same concern when they uncovered multiple, systemic efforts by the Saudi government to assist the hijackers in the lead-up to the 9/11 attacks — a far more consequential, to say nothing of deadly, foreign influence operation on America.

As the head of the FBI at the time, they say Mueller was not nearly as interested in investigating that espionage conspiracy, which also involved foreign intelligence officers. Far from it, the record shows he covered up evidence pointing back to the Saudi Embassy and Riyadh — and may have even misled Congress about what he knew.

9/11 victims agree. “He was the master when it came to covering up the kingdom’s role in 9/11,” said survivor Sharon Premoli, who was pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Center 18 years ago.

“In October of 2001, Mueller shut down the government’s investigation after only three weeks, and then took part in the Bush [administration’s] campaign to block, obfuscate and generally stop anything about Saudi Arabia from being released,” added Premoli, now a plaintiff in the 9/11 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia.

In fact, Mueller threw up roadblocks in the path of his own investigators working the 9/11 case, while making it easier for Saudi suspects to escape questioning, multiple case agents told me. Then he deep-sixed what evidence his agents did manage to uncover, according to the 9/11 lawsuit against the Saudis. [New York Post]

Honestly, at this point in time, does anyone even remember Robert Mueller? The fake news media has been largely successful in shoving our dear friend Bob down the memory-hole after his ‘report’ proved to be a massive letdown for the Democrat Party and globalist insiders hellbent on impeaching our president.

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Anything that does not help the narrative of our decrepit globalist cosmopolitan elite gets completely disappeared in the fake media. Right down the memory-hole. Hopefully, this time around, these patriotic 9/11 victims will not let Bob off the hook.

While the Beltway media have portrayed Mueller as a by-the-book former Marine whose integrity is as square as his lantern-shaped jaw — a cop who can’t be compromised — others know better.

“He’s a villain, and an arrogant one to boot,” former FBI Agent Mark Wauck said, adding that his former boss has a long history of acting as a “servant of the deep state,” or the permanent DC ruling class.

“Bottom line is, Mueller did not do an investigation on people involved in the 9/11 attacks who were connected to the Saudi government,” a former US counterintelligence official asserted. “Maybe if they were Russians, he would be interested. But he was not interested in investigating [Saudi] terrorists who murdered Americans.”

This report from Paul Sperry comes right on the heels of infuriating claims that the FBI is sitting on documents that prove Saudi officials were involved in the 9/11 terror attacks:

The FBI has documents that could help prove Saudi officials were involved in the 9/11 terror attacks, an attorney representing several families of Twin Tower victims who are suing the Saudi government told Tucker Carlson Wednesday.

Jim Kreindler said the two previous administrations, along with former FBI directors James Comey and Robert Mueller, “fought against the families … to cover up the FBI’s own intelligence failures.”

Kreindler said the FBI was monitoring two of the lead hijackers in the United States as far back as January 2000 and was also monitoring Saudi officials who were believed to be providing assistance to the terrorists.

“The FBI and the intelligence community lost them and 9/11 occurred,” said Kreindler, alleging that 11 Saudi officials have been identified as part of the case. [Fox News]

New reports indicate that A.G. Bill Barr may be finally ready to release the truth of just what our government knows about Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks. When it comes to getting the truth out about our government’s failures, I’m not going to get my hopes up. Let’s hope that A.G. Barr steps up and does the right thing.

Unsurprisingly on this case, there is a Barack Obama angle. Back in 2016, the Congress handed President Obama the first veto override of his presidency when they voted to allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for any role it may have played in the attacks. Watch below:

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