Liberals love to hate Melania.

Our gorgeous, elegant, and smart FLOTUS drives liberals wild with seething anger and contempt.

Melania could cure cancer, and liberals would attack her for it. It’s all part of Trump Derangement Syndrome; these people can’t behave like normal, rational human beings because of their unhinged hatred for everything “Trump.”

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On Saturday, Melania and President Trump hosted a beautiful state dinner in honor of the Australian Prime Minister visit.

Melania wore a stunning chiffon sea-foam green gown by designer J. Mendel. She looked like a picturesque angel, virtually floating her way across the floor.

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Of course, hateful liberals saw it differently. Namely the unhinged haters over at the New York Times, who declared Melania’s gown was a “say nothing” dress, that wasn’t good enough for the state dinner.

The seafoam green gown by J. Mendel that first lady Melania Trump wore during the evening’s historic state dinner was reportedly already sold out by the end of the night. And this despite the critics.

“By the time Mrs. Trump debuted it, the dress was marked down to a mere $1,497 and came with free shipping. And before the evening ended, it was sold out,” The Washington Post confirmed.

As of Sunday morning, it still remained in “sold out” status at Bergdorf Goodman, the luxury department store that reportedly sells the luxurious $5,990 dress:


The following morning, The New York Times — which has been mired in endless controversy over its distasteful tweets, racist contributors and fake news — trotted out a piece blasting Melania for wearing a “say-nothing” dress that apparently just wasn’t good enough.

“Reportedly it cost about $6,000, which is pricey, but on the scale of expensive dresses, not so much,” the Times’ fashion critic, Vanessa Friedman, lamented in the piece.

“[T]here’s something dispiriting about the idea that at one of the grandest public occasions orchestrated by the White House, and managed largely by the East Wing — one full of pomp and circumstance and staging — the costume of the leading lady should be hailed as successful because … it’s pretty,” Friedman’s piece continues.

Again, the Times’ fashion critic wanted more — more price, more lavishness, more pizzazz. In part because, as Friedman admitted in the piece, Melania has a history of turning things up a notch.

“It’s perfectly clear that when Mrs. Trump wants to make a statement with her dress, she does it very well, whether it was her message coat or her white trouser suit at the 2018 State of the Union,” she wrote in her piece. “As a former model, she is well versed in the use of image as silent communication. As a first lady, she knows there’s no getting around it: Everyone is looking.” [BizPacReview]

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Average everyday hateful liberals were far more vulgar. See tweets below.


Should Melania have looked more like this? Mrs. Obama looks like she’s wearing a toilet seat cover, and don’t get me started on how the “back” looks.

It doesn’t really matter much what The New York Times or hateful liberals said about the dress, because the beautiful gown was so beloved and admired by normal people, that it sold out online overnight!

See, folks, most people are normal. The TDS freaks are a small fringe group – they’re just loud and obnoxious, so they stand out.


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