“The View” host Meghan McCain stormed off the set of her ABC television show today, after a dustup with another anti-Trump globalist, Ana Navarro.

During Friday’s “The View”, the ladies got into fiery exchange over a recent so-called “whistleblower scandal” that the media is desperately trying to tie to President Trump.

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McCain abruptly changed gears, and expressed her issues with people on the left.

“This is what I know. We had Pamela Anderson on a week or two weeks ago, and I took her to task about Julian Assange,” she said. “There are a lot of liberals okay with him, those same people are screaming bloody murder right now about this whistleblower.”

McCain continued, “I think all interference from a foreign country in our election, all of it is bad and should be condemned, and you can’t play party politics with this, and there’s a lot of people on the left who are doing that with Julian Assange.”

Joy Behar interrupted, “Who are you mad at? Are you mad at the whistleblower?”

“Excuse me, I’m still speaking,” McCain shot back back. “I’m mad that there are people on the left that think that Julian Assange is okay, that he’s some kind of patriot whistleblower when he did interfere in our election.”

She later added, “There are a lot of people on ht left who defend Julian Assange,” to which Behar responded, “Alright fine, but the left is happy that there’s a whistleblower blowing the whistle on Trump.”

After another back-and-forth between the panellists, they began to talk over each other, with guest Ana Navarro chiming in to add her two cents.

At that point, Meghan McCain exploded, shouting, “Excuse me!” and continuing on her point.

Navarro responded to the outburst, but McCain didn’t hear her, saying, “I don’t know what you just said.”

“I said, don’t scream at me, I’m two feet away,” Navarro repeated.

McCain quickly became flustered, saying simply, “You know what…” as the audience gasped. [Entertainment Tonight]

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You can watch the entire exchange below:

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