The #MeToo movement is such hooey. But not only hooey, it’s also dangerous.

At its most powerful point, The #MeToo movement had the ability to destroy careers and lives on a whim. No facts or evidence needed, just the word of a some random woman who promises she’s telling the truth, with no “hidden agenda.”

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Yeah, right. 

Thankfully, the #MeToo movement has been outed for what it really is – a way for angry man-hating women to lash out at men. Because truth be told, actual women who have gone through sexual assault and rape don’t toy with people’s lives, or use it as a PR stunt. It’s a difficult situation to go through and most often times it’s conducted in private.

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Everyday, we learn about another “trusted woman” who ended up being a vindictive liar. #MeToo tells us to “trust women.” Well, I am a woman, and I’m telling you not to trust these women.

And here’s why… A female student from the University of Kansas reported to police that she was raped by someone she knew, she even used the #MeToo movement to raise funds. However, after police looked at her text messages, they discovered she was lying the entire time.

“The State believes the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing, including: the testimony of (the victim), (her ex-boyfriend), law enforcement officers, and evidence collected by law enforcement, specifically, text messages from the Defendant to her friend … indicate the sexual encounter … was consensual,” Branson said in a statement quoted by the Star.

The woman claimed she had been drinking and didn’t know how she ended up in bed with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. She claimed to the Star that she joked about the incident with a friend in a text message because, as the outlet claimed, she was “unable at the time to admit she had been raped.”

She only claimed the incident was rape the next day after an acquaintance “threatened to tell people about the incident,” the Star reported. [Daily Wire]

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Like many of these women, they tell these “rape stories” in order to cover up bad or regrettable behavior.

Just because you have consensual sex with someone and regret your choice the next day, doesn’t make it “rape,” ladies.

Spread the word.

The woman threatened the acquaintance back by texting: “I’m pretty sure it was borderline rape and I have the bruises and statements to prove it so if you want to go there let’s do it,” according to court documents reviewed by the Star.

The woman then began to “remember” the incident, claiming she tried to leave but her ex-boyfriend’s friend wouldn’t let her and that she told him “no” as he held her down. She apparently had bruises on her arms, legs, and neck that she could not explain. Bruises, however, don’t appear immediately after an injury and usually take 1-2 days to form.

Text messages sent after the incident to a friend “made light of the incident and seemed to suggest the encounter was consensual and ‘just a mistake on her part,’” the Star reported. When asked about the messages, the female student attempted to “downplay” the situation. [Daily Wire]

So, this woman has sex with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend as a form of “payback.” The following day she regretted what she did and decided to destroy a man’s life in order to cover up her vindictive behavior.

Great girl.

Yep, that sounds like the #MeToo movement hard at work.

Police allege the woman had sex with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend to get back at him, but then feared news of the encounter would spread.

“Furthermore, the detective said the woman likely decided to press charges after speaking with the university’s IOA office because she wanted to punish her on-again, off-again boyfriend for having a relationship with another woman at the same time as her,” the Star reported.

The woman’s attorney, paid for by a legal defense fund created during the #MeToo movement, naturally said the female student was telling the truth and chastising police for failing to adhere to “trauma-informed practices,” which insist women never lie and that any evidence of such is simply evidence of trauma and truth. [Daily Wire]

When these women start crowdfunding accounts under the guise of #MeToo, that’s another glaring red flag.

It’s time for this country to recognize toxic feminism and the dangers that come along with it. Not only does toxic feminism subject us to terrible TV shows, and ruin our favorite movies, but it’s also tearing people’s lives apart with lies.

The war on men is real, and feminism is a cancer eating away at the soul of this country.

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