A group of Americans took to the streets and headed over to the home of disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, where they conducted a 3-hour “citizen surveillance” of his house.

Ha ha ha!

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The group of amateur journalists headed to McCabe’s D.C-area residence, where they filmed his house in broad daylight for over 3 hours.

The full 3-hour video of the stakeout is below.

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After the multitude of dirty deeds this jerk has done, this is a sweet slice of revenge dished out by Regular Joe’s, and we love it!

The team searched through public records to locate McCabe’s address and then headed to their stakeout.

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The stakeout team set up shop across the street and began filming the McCabe home.

At around 2:30 PM someone attempted to have Chinese food delivered to the residence. Was it the stakeout team, or somebody watching the live feed? We’re not sure. Watch the video below.

An hour later, someone ordered pizza, and this caught the attention of the neighbors, who got angry and confronted the stakeout team.

McCabe’s neighbors eventually called the police on the stakeout group. Watch the video below.

In the end, we hope that Mr. McCabe felt a little bit of heat from that 3-hours of citizen surveillance – hey, at least it was done legally, right?

Watch the video below.

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