The faculty group inside Kansas University is afraid of a chicken sandwich.

Bawk, bawk.

That’s the only logical reason the group is feverishly pushing to keep “Chick-fil-A” off of their campus.

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Faculty members argue that “Chick-fil-A,” which was just voted America’s favorite fast food restaurant, should be banned from the university on the grounds of  “safety” and “mental well being” for their students.

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Gee, speaking of “mental wellbeing” perhaps the fine folks in the Kansas University faculty could get a group rate somewhere?

A few Kansas University faculty members are not fans of allowing Chick-fil-A to be served on campus because they believe the chain violates “safety and inclusion”.

The faculty council, filled with “extreme frustration,” wants America’s favorite restaurant removed from campus for being a “bastion of bigotry” after KU administrators relocated a Chick-fil-A from a basement to “prime real estate” on campus to the Memorial Union. But worse yet, to the council, is the “Chick-fil-A Coin Toss” at the start of the Jayhawks’ football home games.

“The culture of Chick-fil-A fosters hate and discrimination on multiple levels,” the Sexuality & Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council wrote in a two-page letter, accusing university leaders of being “more concerned about money and corporate sponsorship than the physical, emotional, and mental well being of marginalized and LGBTQ people.”

While the fast-food chain is celebrated for its exceptional customer service, it has come under fire several times after its founder and CEO, Dan Cathy, publicly supported traditional marriage in 2012 and opponents have accused Chick-fil-A of being anti-LGBTQ for its charitable giving to the Family Research Council and Salvation Army, to name a few.

The faculty group added: “The arrival of Chick-fil-A in this building is insulting, counterproductive and unacceptable.”

In response, the College Republicans on campus started a petition for students, alumni, and concerned citizens to send to Chancellor Doug Girod.

“Tell our university administration that our community wants Chick-fil-A on this campus,” the conservative group wrote. [Fox News]

The bottom line is this – “Chick-fil-A” is not refusing anybody service, nor do they push their views on anyone. This is a good Christian company that believes what the Bible teaches. Period.

And ultimately, that is the real issue for the left.

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Liberals expect you to not only tolerate and accept their lifestyle choices, they demand that you celebrate their lifestyles, all while they refuse to even acknowledge yours.

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