It’s tough to find work after you’ve held the “severed head” of a U.S. President like an ISIS terrorist, in a photo shoot.

So, what’s an unemployable girl to do?

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Well, if you’re unfunny former comedian Kathy Griffin, you hop on Twitter and desperately try and sell cheap Chinese-made “Impeach  Kavanaugh” junk to clueless dullards suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Watch the video below.

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This is the sad state of affairs that Kathy Griffin’s life is in.

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It’s official folks, Trump broke her.

It’s all her fault, and she deserves every miserable minute of it.

Actress Kathy Griffin flooded Twitter with her own merchandise advocating for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s impeachment, following yet another sexual assault allegation levied against the Yale graduate.

Griffin’s merchandise includes a hat, mug, t-shirt and a koozie all stamped with “IMPEACH BRETT” on a red banner. The website also features multiple items with the words “FUCK TRUMP.”

A count done by the Daily Caller estimates Griffin solicited her merchandise over 80 times through both tweets and replies. [Daily Caller]

I would guess by the spastic number of times she’s posting the links to this useless crap, that she’s not raking in a lot of cash.

Look at this junk, who on earth would buy this garbage?

I can tell you one Democrat who won’t be purchasing any “Impeach Kavanaugh” gear – Dick Durbin, who has a message for Democrats who think this will actually happen…”Get real.”

Senior Democrats are moving quickly to snuff out calls to impeach Brett Kavanaugh, arguing those tactics are unrealistic and politically harmful.

Democrats are already wrestling with whether to try to oust President Donald Trump, and leadership sees little room for the party to take on a second divisive impeachment saga barely a year before the presidential election. So the demands by 2020 presidential contenders to remove the Supreme Court justice, on the heels of new reporting about allegations of sexual misconduct, are getting panned. [Politico]

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