Remember the former Canadian Prime Minster who wished hurricane Dorian would slam into Mar-a-Lago?

Kim Campbell tweeted out her deadly wish last week, in a now-deleted tweet.

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A former Canadian prime minister said she’s “rooting” for Hurricane Dorian to directly hit President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club on Florida’s coast.

Kim Campbell, Canada’s first and only female prime minister, wrote on Twitter Wednesday: “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!”

Campbell on Thursday continued to tweet about the storm and how it is appears to be heading toward Mar-a-Lago.

“Well, we will see if Mrs. Post’s design can stand up to the assault!” she wrote in a tweet, referencing the cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, who built Mar-a-Lago. “I know Palm Beach well and am sorry if it gets a big hit.

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“I wish I [could] believe that it [would] shake up Trump’s climate change denial! Only today his admin has removed [regulations] to limit methane- a worse GHG than CO2!” she continued in a tweet.

I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!

— Kim Campbell (@AKimCampbell) August 28, 2019 [USA Today]

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Kim Campbell later “apologized” for her hateful and deranged tweet.

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Her words sound like yet another typical phony liberal apology.

We’re used to this game by now – liberals lash out and say something wrong, rude, violent, or offensive, and then after the comment has sat around and marinated for a while, right on cue they issue a fake apology, and say useless stuff like, “I should’ve known better.”


Well, it looks like karma doesn’t appreciate fake apologies either, because Ms. Campbell got a dose of karma and a life lesson on how truly evil it is to wish terrible things on people.

And her lesson hit close to home…

As it turns out, hurricane Dorian didn’t hit Mar-a-Lago, but it did hit St. John, New Brunswick – one of only two seats Campbell won in 1993, after she destroyed the PC Party of Canada.

Thankfully, there was no loss of life.

We hope Ms. Campbell learns something from this, and keeps her hateful comments to herself from now on.

Marc Belliveau, a spokesperson for NB Power, said it’s too early to say when electricity will be restored for all customers in the province and that there will likely be some people without electricity for another night.

The storm surge caused a number of vessels at the Shediac Bay Yacht Club to be tossed out of the water and onto the shore.

Some locals said the damage was astounding but were happy that there was no loss of life. [Global News]

Now that was some karma!

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