When I first heard about it, I didn’t know what to think.

I gave music artist Justin Bieber the benefit of the doubt a couple of weeks ago when I watched him deliver an awesome praise song to the audience.

This Was So Inspirational: Justin Bieber Shares Video Of Church Performance — “God Is Pulling Me Through A Hard Season”

If Justin can do it, why not Kanye? I will also say this and mark my words, if Kanye starts a religion, he will have a nationwide following, the likes nobody has seen. A following so large, the government will get involved to see if this is a cult. This isn’t Kanye’s first church service. Most of them are outside but he had been holding them in churches of late.

I was raised in a church environment for the better part of my life and I have watched how the church has changed from hell and brimstone preaching to inspiration and praise services teaching prosperity. I am not happy about the changeover but I understand. Times change and so does the delivery but the message should never change.

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God can use anyone he wants to win over souls and that’s what he’s doing in this day and time. Along with Kanye was a 600-member choir that gave him support during his 10-minute sermon.

Excerpts from Kanye’s Sermon:

‘You [God] sent your son [Jesus] to die for us and all you ask is for radical obedience to you.’

‘You’re not asking us to do the least. You know how people are like, “At least I…,” – how are we gonna do the least when he did the most?’

‘I’ve seen him work miracles in my life. Work miracles in our life,’ he began.

‘You know the devil presents so many flashy shiny objects. I’ve seen everything that the devil could have showed you via TV, videos, car dealerships, jewelry, houses…’

‘Only the opinion of God. Let’s not be concerned with the validation of men at all, only of God, to hold each other accountable.

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