The Democrats have nothing to offer the American people in the way of prosperity and hope. All they have left are hate and obstruction.

This is why instead of focusing on healthcare, infrastructure, and crime, Democrats are pushing for impeachment of President Trump over a nothing-burger “whistleblower” claim by someone who isn’t even a “whistleblower” by any sane definition.

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Democrats have gone so far to the kook-left, that they can’t even relate to the needs of everyday Americans.

Case in point – during a campaign stop in Oakland, California, a city ravaged by homelessness, poverty, and crime, 2020-long shot Julian Castro laughs and jokes with a crowd of supporters about how Democrats will send the “entire Trump family to prison.”

You can watch the video below:

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The Democrats won back the House in 2018, due in large part to promoting “moderate” candidates, who vowed to work for the American people.

Can you imagine being a Democrat voter, who cast a vote for a candidate on the promise of “fixing healthcare,” only to be left with a bunch of TDS kooks, frothing at the mouth over impeachment?

You’d likely be pretty irked by now.

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The Democrats are in a pickle, though. They have no candidate who can beat President Trump fair and square, and they desperately need this 2020 win in order to “save” the SCOTUS before it tips “highly conservative” for generations to come.

So, knowing that they’ll get trounced at the polls with a bumbling buffoon like Biden, or a screeching harpy like Liz Warren, they’re trying to up their chances by dragging President Trump through a Ukraine scandal that is similar to the Russia Hoax that we just spent two long and pointless years on.

Loser candidates like Julian Castro, who know they don’t have a shot at actually winning the nomination, are out there promoting the Democrats cause by lying to supporters, claiming there’s some chance that the Trump’s will be heading to prison. Jokes or not, it’s part of the left’s plot to paint the entire Trump family as a crime syndicate, while real crime families like the Clintons and the Bidens go untouched.

Meanwhile, over 60 percent of Americans oppose impeachment according to a new Monmouth poll.

Many people are wondering, why on earth the Democrats would commit “political suicide” like this.

Well, truthfully, it’s the last shot they have to try and win the WH. Because they sure as hell can’t do it on policy, nor with their Godawful embattled candidates.

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