Former ESPN host and progressive-leaning Jemele Hill is now a contributor with The Atlantic and has made the decision that writing is not enough.

Hill has to publicly cause controversy with sharing her feelings about other individual’s decisions. You would think that she wouldn’t want anyone to do this to her, but she feels comfortable in doing it to others, Oh the irony.

Hill shared her thoughts about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s apparent political beliefs even though Rudolph didn’t share this tweet.

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What makes her cringe is that Rudolph is reportedly conservative who dares to “like” posts from well-known conservative political commentators. Hill find this type of behavior, “stupid.”

Just in case you didn’t know, Rudolph has replaced injured starter Ben Rothlisberger, who will be out for the remainder of the year. Rudolph was drafted in 2018 NFL draft out of Oklahoma State, and scheduled to make his first career start on Sunday.

Instead of wishing the young man a safe game, Hill went after his political beliefs.

Unfortunately, people can’t think or say anything morally decent without people like Hill, making foul comments about them. She seems to be mentally sick and in need of someone who cares about her because right now it seems she’s on her own.

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I genuinely believe that there are millions of angry, silent Trump supporters, and the number is growing every day. We are mad over this sort of crap. Many of us remain silent because we don’t need the inevitable hassle, but make no mistake about it; we will vote in record numbers.

As I stated before, it doesn’t seem that Rudolph is public with his politics but just because you like a post or share a tweet doesn’t mean you have to be dragged through the dirt because of it.


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