Sadly, the Biden family is a dysfunctional mess.

Joe’s son Hunter is the “screw up” of the family. He was kicked out of the Navy for using cocaine, he needed his dad’s help to get a job in the Ukraine, and then needed his dad’s help again when he was investigated for a $3 million dollar fraud.

However, the real kicker came when Hunter moved-in on his dead brother’s wife (while he was married), and started an affair with her just after Beau Biden died from brain cancer.

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What a swell guy.

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What made matters even more odd though, was that Joe and his wife were “thrilled” about the affair.

Eww, yuk.

Hunter Biden, said that his father counseled him not to worry about hurting the family’s “public profile,” in regards to his sloppy divorce, and the affair with his brothers widow, Hallie. “Even though my life has been played out in the media, because I am a Biden, my father never once suggested that the family’s public profile should be my priority. The priority has always been clear for my dad, as it is, now, for me: Never run from a struggle. Love people and find a way to love yourself,” Hunter Biden said during a Vanity Fair interview.

Maybe Joe should have “cared” a tad more about what Hunter was up to, because divorce court documents reveal that Hunter squandered away his family money on hookers, drugs, and strippers.

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What really makes this very creepy story even more creepy, is that Joe and his wife actually came out and said that they were giving their “blessing” to the new couple.


You can watch the video below:

It sounds like the Biden family may have foolishly thought (or hoped) the disturbing affair was something magical and special. However, as we now know, Hunter dumped his bother’s widow in order to marry a blonde bombshell from South Africa in a secret wedding.

But there’s another weird layer to that already weird story.

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It turns out Hunter married the woman after only knowing her for 10 days.

Ha ha ha.

Here’s Hunter, proudly showed off his gold wedding band in the family photograph, while placing his left hand on his sister Naomi Biden’s arm.

But we’re not done with the “weirdness” quite yet. There’s a little more…

It’s probably not the biggest deal, but struck us a tad bit odd, maybe more “humorous” than anything – but in the lovely family photo above, Joe Biden is all dressed up, but he isn’t wearing any shoes.

Shoes or not, the Biden family seems very troubled and plagued by lies, addiction, and a wayward self-destructive son who is stuck in a perpetual state of arrested development.

Hopefully they can work out their woes, and hopefully government officials can get to the bottom of the Ukraine scandal involving Joe and Hunter.

Let us know what you think about the Bidens in the comments below.

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