What the media is doing right now, in coordination with the Democrats, to twist and contort this Ukraine nothing-burger into some steamy scandal, should be illegal.

Yes, it’s that salacious and that inflammatory.

One of the tricks that the lying fake news media is doing right now, involves the word “favor.”

Pay close attention to this one, because it’s the entire crux of their fake spin job.

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Karma: Feds Raid IL Dem Senator Who Held Campaign Fundraiser That Included a ‘Simulated Trump Assassination’

In the released transcript of the call between Trump and the President of Ukraine, Trump asks him for a “favor” in regards to investigating any potential election meddling in 2016. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s perfectly normal, and something every single American should welcome, right?

However, what the media is now doing, is taking that word “favor” and omitting the 500+words that come after it, and then lying to the public about how that word was used.

The lying fake news media is no tying the word “favor” to the investigation of Biden instead.

It’s probably one of the most blatant and coordinated fake news hits we’ve ever seen. It’s pure propaganda, and it should seal the fate of our miserable, good-for-nothing media. These progressive propagandists should end up in ash heap of history for spreading these unbelievable and shameless lies.

You can watch the actual video of what they’re doing below. But keep in mind, it’s not just CNN, even Fox News (Shep Smith) is doing it, and so are print publications. It’s coordinated

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, who at on time was a staunch Trump critic, has had enough of the fake media spin and the lies surrounding the Ukraine nothing-burger, and he devoted his epic opening monologue to shredding it to smithereens.

Graham is Right: Lindsey Graham: ‘Democrats Have Lost Their Minds’

You’ll enjoy this, trust me.

You can watch the video below:

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