Sen. Lindsey Graham has a confrontational back and forth with CBS’ Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan who tried her best to force the narrative being pushed by the media regarding their interpretation of the whistleblower complaint levied against Pres. Trump last week.

Graham was interrupted and at times wasn’t allowed to speak during this so-called interview but he was able to get a few nuggets on the record like these:

Graham: “This seems to me like a political setup. It’s all hearsay. You can’t get a parking ticket conviction based on hearsay. The whistleblower didn’t hear the phone call.”

“Salem witch trials have more due process than this. That to me is not a quid pro quo, and the entire whistle-blower complaint is based on hearsay and we’re not going to impeach a president based on hearsay as long as I’m around. This is a sham. There’s a political smell to this that’s far different than Mueller.”

Graham may be a politician, but he’s not stupid. He knows that you don’t conduct a trial on hearsay. But you can certainly open a line of inquiry-based on it to see if there is actual evidence to support the hearsay.

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Impeachment is equivalent to the indictment. If you can’t indict (impeach), you don’t go to trial. If you go to trial, you think you’ve gotten enough evidence to prove your case to the standard required (reasonable doubt, the preponderance of the evidence, etc.)

If “what” is explicitly true? We know that Trump asked for assistance in investigating Biden. We know that the DOJ has reviewed the whistleblower complaint and determined that a crime was not committed. We know that there is a treaty between the US and Ukraine in which each country agrees to assist the other in investigating and prosecuting criminal matters that impact both countries, so if Biden is suspected of potentially committing a crime when he bragged about extorting Ukraine, asking for assistance is legal under the treaty. I assume this treaty is the same reason why no one yelled about a crime when the Obama administration asked Ukraine for information on Manafort before the 2016 election.

And we know that impeachment is a political and not a legal decision. So it will be left for the politicians to explain to the American people why it is appropriate to impeach Trump for this while ignoring the same situation with Obama in 2016. Voters will want Congress to explain the hypocrisy to them. And why Congress feels that it is right to overturn an election because someone did something LEGAL.

Graham: “Republicans believe this president is being persecuted. They don’t love Donald Trump and the way he does business. They like what he does, but they believe he’s being persecuted. They believe that everybody’s out to get him, and I believe as to this complaint it smells.”

This is about Congress trying to exert oversight over the people. They are very angry at the voters for having the gall to vote for someone they don’t like, and they want to overturn that.

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By the way, remember that when the Clinton campaign asked Ukraine for dirt on then-candidate Trump in 2016, that would NOT be protected by our treaty because Trump was not suspected of a crime. As a result, this is why Durham stated several days ago that this IS within the scope of his investigation; we certainly have not heard the last about that.

Watch above, via Face The Nation

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