Fox News’ Sean Hannity and former guest congressman Trey Gowdy seemed to be at odds for the entire segment regarding the Inspector General concluding his investigation into alleged FISA abuse.

You should be up on current events of how the FISA court was abused during the end of the Obama administration to seemingly spy of then-GOP candidate Donald J. Trump which led to a plethora of shady dealings, all in an attempt to hurt the candidate running against Hillary Clinton.

This video (below) has to be one of the most bizarre (if that’s even the right adjective) exchanges ever. Hannity feels this is where his “tick-tock” narrative will be finally paying off when the IG’s report is released to the public.  But Gowdy didn’t seem to be taking any bait.

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Gowdy pushed Hannity’s buttons hard. I doubt we’ll see many more videos of Gowdy as a guest with Hannity on anything FISA.

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I agree with Gowdy that you have to identify the statute under which you prosecute.

However, for all those spouting ‘treason’ from the parapets, you have to remember that the IG investigation into FISA is on the issue of illegally obtaining a visa warrant on the DJT campaign, and as of that date, DJT was a private citizen. Any ‘treason’ can only be vetted after he was duly elected as President. I think that is why Nunes keeps mentioning how any abuse of the system affects every citizen.

After the President was elected and sworn in, any activity in spy gate misusing the system is fair game.

Hannity also seems stuck on the “Steele” dossier. Why doesn’t he mention the Nellie and Bruce Ohr angle to show the entire inception of the dossier was based on her computer access of the FBI database and Steele was just a laundry cycle to defect where the information originated from?

The FISA warrant was an after the fact cover-up for spying on the Trump campaign that began in late 2015 or early 2016. I have been saying for years that Carter Page was in on it. His lack of outrage, his refusal to hire legal counsel, his playing the affable fool, and the absence of any charges against him were telling.

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Nellie Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Sidney Blumenthal, Cody Shearer, and Steele were the co-authors of the dossier, which was a series of memoranda submitted piecemeal over six months. The dossier was part of the coverup as well. Former CIA Director John Brennan was the orchestrator of the plot to take down candidate Trump and then-President Trump. If there is no accountability for what transpired, the Republic is finished.

The deep state will do whatever is necessary to preserve the surveillance tools they now have and rationalize their actions as necessary for national security.

The issue with Gowdy in the video above and why so many here dislike him (besides the hairdo), is that he tells it exactly like he sees it coming. He did dampen Hannity’s dialog, no doubt about it. But the cold water that Gowdy throws on this is a wake-up call to us as well. We do not like what he says, but I think it is well if we pay attention to it.


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