Are there a group of people more creepy and weird than the climate cult?

There’s something seriously “off” about these people. Instead of just having a normal type of concern for the planet, these people have turned “climate change” into a full-blown cult.

Deranged teens are praying to potted house plants, and asking for forgiveness, while other climate gurus are screaming at people to stop eating red meat, and quit having babies in order to “save the planet and mankind.

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It’s all gotten so out of control and over the top. There’s no way that average Americans can relate to this lunacy.

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Every ten years were told we only have “ten years” left, before the world ceases to exist.

And to make matters even worse, the left has adopted an odd Swedish teen as the new face of “climate change.” This young child suffers from Autism, so she gives off rather “unique” vibe.

Watch the video of Greta the climate kid below:

And if all of this was not bad enough, now we’re learning about two-hundred or so climate kooks who attended a funeral for a melting glacier.

No, we’re not joking…I wish we were. 

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Over the weekend, nearly 250 people hiked up to what remains of Pizol glacier to mourn its melting due to climate change, according to CNN (the BBC said the number was in the “dozens”).

Many hikers — a predominantly white group — wore all black to mourn the “death” of the Pizol glacier in the Swiss Alps. Some even wore veils. The glacier’s remains sit at an altitude of 8,850 ft and are near the borders to Liechtenstein and Austria.

The BBC reported that the glacier is part of the Glarus Alps in northeastern Switzerland and has “lost at least 80% of its volume just since 2006, a trend accelerated by rising global temperatures.” Matthias Huss, a glacier specialist at ETH Zurich University, told CNN that the Pizol’s reduction has left behind 26,000 square meters of ice, the equivalent of less than four football fields. [Daily Wire]

You can watch the video here:

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