Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin appeared on SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, where she exposed a “secret” program run by the Federal Reserve that helps illegal aliens wire money back home.

Malkin disclosed that while she was working on a section of her new book called, “Banking on Illegals,” she uncovered a program run by the Federal Reserve that helps illegal aliens send remittances (payments) back to Mexico or other home base countries.

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Malkin went on to say that the program is “specifically marketed to illegal aliens in America.”

Yes, the government is actually marketing services to criminals – and in doing this, the Federal Reserve is aiding and abetting illegal aliens and should be shut down immediately.

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Malkin is calling on President Trump to keep his promise to either tax remittances sky high, or end the practice all together.

According to Malkin, Judicial Watch has been suing to obtain information on the Federal Reserve program, that goes under name “Directo a Mexico.”

The Feds are reportedly using our tax dollars to market this program to illegal aliens.

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This is treason.

Columnist Michelle Malkin is calling on President Trump to “shut down” a Federal Reserve program that profits off remittances sent to foreign countries by illegal aliens.

During an interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Malkin detailed how the Federal Reserve actually aids illegal aliens living in the United States through a federal remittance program, included in her latest book, Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?

“I was working on a section in Chapter One which is on the caravan cartel called ‘Banking on Illegals’ and I’d reported on this all the way back from the late 1990s on Bank of America and Wells Fargo and private institutions that were profiting,” Malkin said. “And in the middle of that research, I discovered the Federal Reserve, itself, was trying to hone in on this segment of the market with its own program to have a remittance program that is specifically marketed to illegal aliens in America.”

“This program still exists, it doesn’t make a lot of money, but the idea that the federal government itself is breaking the laws of aiding and abetting illegal aliens and that it hasn’t been shut down,” Malkin continued. “I mean not only should President Trump fulfill the promise that he made many, many, many months ago to tax remittances but he should shut down this Federal Reserve program as well.” [Breitbart]

Below is a copy of some of the marketing materials the government crates to promote remittances.  You can access more information here.

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