Freedom-loving patriots have been warning about the dangers of “Red Flag” laws. All too often, these laws that are designed to supposedly “help,” end up hurting us, especially when people with a biased political agenda get thrown in the mix.

As most of you know, there are “Red Flag” laws in several states, Oregon being one of them. As you also likely know, the domestic Democrat “terror group” Antifa rules Portland with a violent and iron fist, thanks to the cowardly leadership from the Mayors office and higher ups in the police force who allow Antifa to cover their faces with masks and wield weapons against innocent Americans.

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So, it will probably not come as a surprise when you learn about former Marine, Shane Kohfield, who stood outside his Portland house, wearing his MAGA hat, with a knife on one shoulder, and a copy of his concealed weapons permit on the other, vowing to protect himself, his father, and his property from violent Antifa thugs.

What might surprise you, however, is that the FBI used “Red Flag” laws to confiscate all of his guns.

Shane Kohfield stood outside the home of Portland’s mayor in July wearing body armor and a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, a large knife strapped to one shoulder and a copy of his concealed weapons permit displayed on the other.

Using a loudspeaker, he warned the right-wing activists who turned out to condemn the city’s handling of recent violent demonstrations that they needed to protect themselves against their anti-fascist, or antifa, rivals.

“If antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” Kohfield, 32, said. “I’d slaughter them and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out antifa.”

That threat pushed the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task to take a series of extraordinary steps against Kohfield, including temporary seizure of a cache of his firearms under Oregon’s new “red flag” law aimed at preventing gun violence, The Oregonian/OregonLive has learned.

The task force also had the ex-Marine committed to a veterans’ hospital in Portland. He spent the next 20 days there.

The moves came as city officials and law enforcement prepared for potentially violent clashes Aug. 17 during a right-wing rally and counterprotests planned in downtown Portland that had become inflamed with incendiary political rhetoric nationwide. Police worried that they would end in catastrophe.

Though Kohfield wasn’t accused or charged with any crimes, police took no chances and prevented him from attending the rally as he repeatedly had promised to do on social media after his confrontation at Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house.

The episode shows that federal law enforcement may be beginning to take a more aggressive tack toward potential political threats, said Michael German, a retired FBI agent and fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School.


Kohfield, who spoke with The Oregonian/OregonLive, suffers from bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, medical records show.

He returned home Tuesday from the VA hospital and maintains he never planned to hurt or maim other people. But he understands why he alarmed police.

“I looked unhinged. I looked dangerous and have the training to be dangerous,” said Kohfield, who lives with his father in Canby and receives disability payments for physical and psychological injuries he sustained during two tours of duty in Iraq. [Oregon Live]

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Now, we’re in no way endorsing “violent threats.” However, when you have a group of masked terrorists literally roaming the streets, beating innocent people senseless, and intimidating citizens, what exactly do you expect people to do? How do you expect them to react?

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Maybe instead of going after this former Marine, the local FBI should go after the real source of the problem: Antifa. And while they’re at, they should go after the local city government officials that allows this group of dangerous thugs to attack innocent people.

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