In the United States of America, few things are more important than civil discourse and hearing both sides of every story.

That’s why we found this story so refreshing.

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With so many liberal bullies loudly and obnoxiously proclaiming that ‘the transgender issue’ is the defining civil rights moment of our times, it’s about time we finally heard from the other side.

Former Transgender warriors are taking their fight directly to the SCOTUS, in order to warn them of the dangers of  “transgenderism.”

“It is the greatest medical fraud in history to suggest and begin carving up somebody’s body and then telling them they’ve changed genders when in fact they haven’t,” says ex-transgender Walt Heyer.

Heyer and eight fellow ex-transgenders are warning the U.S. Supreme Court that transgenderism is dangerous.

Citing a clinical study in a recent brief submitted to the High Court, the group said that following reassignment surgery, transgenders experienced a three times higher-than-average rate of psychiatric hospitalization, a sharp increase in mortality as well as criminal convictions a dramatic increase in suicides, with transgenders 19 times more likely to kill themselves.

Heyer told Church Militant, “Forty-one percent are known, who identify as transgender, are known to attempt suicide. Then if they’re younger, the ages 10 to 24, 50% of that population are known to attempt suicide.” [Church Militant]

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Our hearts truly go out to these brave men and women who are willing to come forth and share their cautionary tales with the world in the face of backlash from intolerant hypocrites on the left.

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Before we risk the mental health of our children, we need to hear their voices.

Heyer says the blanket diagnosis of gender dysphoria often masks underlying mental issues.

“Its origin comes out of being, having psychological or psychiatric mental disorders that cause you to not want to be who you are,” said Heyer. “So, you make an attempt to be someone who you’re not.”

If the Supreme Court ignores Heyer’s warnings, then a lower court ruling could prevail forcing employers to affirm transgenderism or risk being sued for discrimination. []

There are so many heartbreaking stories of regret. And what’s even more sad, is how liberals and the mainstream media ignore these stories, in order to continue politicizing this issue for their own benefit.

Watch this powerful video from Jeffery, who regrets his decision to transition.

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