How much clearer can Americans make it…

We hate celebrities. 

We hate everything about these smug, elitist windbags. The way they preach and lecture us from their gilded cages. They tell us how to live, what to think, and how to believe – not to mention the lectures us on how to speak, and who to vote for.

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What on earth gives someone who “reads lines that somebody else writes” for a living, the green-light to tell anyone else how to live?

Celebrities are insufferable.

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Truthfully, Americans don’t care what these dullards say. We don’t vote for their favorite political candidates, we don’t watch their egocentric awards shows…heck, we’re barely watching their movies anymore.

So how much clearer do we have to make it?

Well, after the latest lowly and embarrassing “Emmy” ratings, maybe these smug celebrities will finally get the hint.

Sunday’s nights Emmy awards show was one of the “wokest” on record. Celebrities were pushing phony gender pay gaps and transgender issues like they were getting paid for it.

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However, it was all in vain…because the social justice awards show hit a record-low. They were down by a whopping 30 percent from last year – and trust me last years ratings also sucked.

Double whammy. 

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards on Fox drew a record low viewership on Sunday as TV fans opted to tune out of the telecast that featured woke celebrities lecturing America on issues including the gender pay gap and transgender rights.
Sunday’s broadcast drew a paltry 5.7 rating and a 10 share in the overnight metered market ratings, down 23 percent from last year’s Monday night show on NBC and down 30 percent from the preliminary rating for the 2017 ceremony, which aired on a Sunday night on CBS, according to Variety.

Deadline noted that the figures represent the “lowest rating the annual ceremony has achieved in early metrics.”

The Emmys were up against NBC’s Sunday Night Football, which saw the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cleveland Browns in a score of 20-13.

Fox chose to go hostless for this year’s Emmys for the first time in more than 15 years. [Breitbart]

You can watch the videos below, highlighting some of the wokest of the woke.

Watch above, via Slate



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