If you didn’t get to see former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan in an interview on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” you missed a solid piece of information and fact.

Homan is a true patriot that cares about the southern border that separates the U.S. and Mexico. He loves this country and has been on the front lines, watching the abuse of illegal immigrants flood the border zone under the idea of asylum.

Dems Want ICE GONE! Rep. Ilhan Omar — We Need To Abolish ICE, And End All Inhumane Deportation & Detention Programs

Homan said in his interview with the legendary conservative radio host: “Democrats want to abolish an agency that helps keep this country safe — and that enforces laws they enact.” I don’t take him lightly and neither should you.

Homan: “Democrats want to abolish an agency that does gun trafficking investigations, narcotics investigations, does investigations where our technology is smuggled overseas — such as missile technology that can be used against our warfighters.”

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Homan also said that ICE has also rescued “hundreds of women from sex trafficking,” which is something rarely ever reported from the opposition media.

Homan: “So they’d rather abolish an entire federal law enforcement agency, and abolish everything I just talked about than to do their job. ICE isn’t making this up. ICE is enforcing the laws they enacted. If Democrats don’t like it, then stand up and legislate. Do your job, but don’t vilify the men and women that leave the safety of their home every day to defend this nation.”

Homan also included a nugget that ICE has been tasked with finding and deporting individuals suspected of war crimes committed by Nazi Germany too. He said: “We have removed hundreds of Nazis from the United States over the years and sent them back to face trial,” Homan said.

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Watch above via Fox News.

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