An Australian broadcaster for Sky News has had his fill of kooky climate change kids and he let them know it during a recent broadcast.

On Friday, the entire world was held hostage by the kooks participating in the “climate strike.”

Unhinged Climate Kid: [VIDEO] Teen Screams Hysterically and Rants Over ‘Climate Change’ at U.S. Capitol 

Countless students skipped school to “save the planet” and help the left push their fear-mongering junk science hoax.

Tens of thousands of high school students in cities nationwide plan to skip classes Friday to attend Global Climate Strike marches calling for immediate action to end climate change. They will be part of a global joint protest aimed directly at the adults who they say are ignoring the destruction of the planet.

“We have to treat climate change as what it is – an emergency,” said Audrey Maurine Xin Lin, an 18-year-old who’s been one of the coordinators of the Boston school strike and march.

The events come out of a groundswell of worry on the part of young people about the future of the planet. Students in more than 800 locations around the United States plan to go on strike from school for the day to attend protests.

“It’s going to be a really, really powerful day, the launch of a new era of climate movement. This is just the beginning for us,” said Katie Eder, 19, who is the executive director of the Future Coalition, a youth-led nonprofit helping the groups coordinate. [USA Today]

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Many of the kids gave speeches, and blamed past generations for the “manmade” climate change that is supposedly ready and waiting to destroy earth in about 12 or so years.

This is Hilarious: LOL: Climate Change Filmmakers Rescued by Helicopter After Boat Stuck in Ice While Documenting ‘Melting Glaciers’

The commentator’s name is Alan Jones, and he’s getting a round of applause from many sane people across the globe today for this much-needed truth-bomb rant.

You can watch the video below:

We must do better for our children. They should be having fun, and enjoying life, not running around, scared to death over a hoax being pushed by the unhinged left.

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