In the spirit of  the “climate change” insanity that we’ve been dealing with more than usual over the past couple days, I thought I’d share this story with you.

A group of “Climate Change warriors” who were making a documentary about melting glaciers, took to the Arctic sea in order to observe and document the melting ice.

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The timing was perfect for the group – it was the beginning of September and still warm enough to get some great footage of melting ice, to really scare the crap out of everyone.

However, irony and Mother Nature had other plans for the group of 16 kooks, who ended up needing to be rescued by helicopter after their boat got stuck in the ice between Norway and the North Pole.

Ha ha ha ha!

Arctic tours ship MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board got stuck in ice on Sep 3 off Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, halfway between Norway and North Pole. The ship is on Arctic tour with Climate Change documentary film team, and tourists, concerned with Climate Change and melting Arctic ice.

All 16 Climate Change warriors were evacuated by helicopter in challenging conditions, all are safe. 7 crew remains on board, waiting for Coast Guard ship assistance.  [Maritime Bulletin]

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Climate Change is a hoax and junk science. Period. It’s a money-making scheme, and a way for liberals to control a large mass of people with a cult-like message and implement their twisted progressive and globalist agenda under the guise of “saving the planet and humanity.”

It’s a total scam.

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Real Climate Science reported that maximum temperatures have actually declined sharply in the US over the last century.

What’s really sad however, are politicians like AOC who fear-monger and push this junk science on young kids, who are now nervous wrecks, thinking the planet will end in 12 years if they don’t do something to fix it.

Yesterday, during a “Climate Change” event at the U.S. Capitol, alarmists gathered and screamed, ranted and raved over the weather. This young teen appears as if she’s having an emotional breakdown over “Climate Change.” Thanks, AOC.

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