This is a raw, real, and disturbing viral undercover video that is shinning a much-needed spotlight on the child sex trafficking trade, and doing it in a way that no American has likely ever seen.

Special agent Tim Ballard has gone deep undercover to expose how young children are trafficked and traded like they’re not even human.

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Ballard is a former CIA special agent, and worked with the Department of Homeland Security. He also founded the nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad in order to expose child sex trafficking – and this very hard-to-watch, yet profoundly powerful video, does exactly that.

The footage, clipped from documentary movie The Abolitionists, features Ballard undercover in a foreign country, where he discussed the purchase of young teen girls for sex with a trafficker eager to cash in on their innocence.

The video features the trafficker confirming the ages of the girls during a conversation on the street, before a follow-up meeting at a café where he shared images of the teens available for sex at a future house party.

“I’m doing 13 to 15 years old,” the man said in the undercover video. “That’s what you’re looking for, right?”

At the café, a trafficker promised the girls would be minors, and shared pictures of some of the youngest.

“The boss is going to like her!” the man said, referring to a girl in a picture on his phone.

“How old is she?”  Ballard asked.

“Fifteen. He’s going to like her,” the trafficker said. “If he doesn’t, I’ll take her for myself!” [American Mirror]

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I want to provide a warning to you before you watch this video. It’s very raw, and very hard to stomach. We post this because we believe that shining a light on evil makes it harder for it to grow and prosper.

We also believe in the amazing work the Operation Underground Railroad patriots and warriors are doing to end this wretched business. And finally, we believe wholeheartedly that our wide open borders are an invitation for these monsters to traffic innocent young children, and we want to hold Democrats responsible for their reckless “open borders” polices.

Please watch the video:

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