Anti-Trump “comedian” Chelsea Handler has a new show coming out on Netflix, and it sounds like a real stinker.

Honestly, this could be the worst show concept in the history of all shows, ever created.

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Here’s how it will play out…Handler will travel all across the United States apologizing to random strangers for being white and privileged. She will then ask these complete strangers to teach her how to be a better white person.


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Can you hear my eyes rolling?

Chelsea Handler stars in a new Netflix documentary the features the former talk show host traveling the country apologizing for her white privilege and endeavoring to finally learn “how to be a better white person to people of color, without making it a thing.”
“I’m clearly the beneficiary of white privilege. And I want to know what my personal responsibility is moving forward in the world we live in today where race is concerned,” Handler confesses at the top of the hour-long documentary, called Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea, the dropped on the streamer Friday.

“I’m really eager to have a conversation about what it is I can know more about and to illuminate to people who are not of color what it means to be of color in this country,” Handler says in the film to an audience attending a college open mic event. Handler’s self-mutilation and constant apologizing is interrupted 10 minutes into the film by a young black college student who tells Handler that her Netflix documentary “is just another example of white privilege — using your white privilege. What are you going to do with it other than come into this space and take?”

Realizing that privilege “is a white people’s problem,” Handler sets out to talk to experts on whiteness, like Dear White America author Tim Wise. Wise informs Handler, in a sit-down chat at her sprawling Bel Air home, that America can’t solve the problem of white privilege until white people realize that their privilege of being white comes at the expense of non-whites being oppressed, from slavery to segregation to contemporary America. [Breitbart]

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Maybe Chelsea should apologize to Trump supporters of all colors, shapes, and sizes for trashing us relentlessly for years now?

You can watch the trailer to this ridiculous farce here:

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