Rep. Matt Cartwright is under fire for reportedly pushing legislation that directly benefits his family’s law firm, which he profits from as well.

The bombshell report comes from scores of financial and lobbying records that were obtained by Washington Examiner, who are investigating the crooked congressman.

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Mr. Cartwright introduced a bill that requires commercial truck drivers to purchase liability insurance at a 600% increase from previous amounts.

How does this benefit Cartwright?

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Well, law firms that represent victims who are suing truck drivers can now collect much, much, MUCH higher amounts.

Guess what type of law firm Cartwright’s family owns…

Rep. Matt Cartwright has spent years sponsoring truck insurance legislation that would directly benefit his family’s law firm, in which he owns a multimillion dollar stake, according to financial and lobbying records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

In June and July, the Pennsylvania Democrat introduced two bills that would require commercial truck drivers to purchase insurance liability coverage at a minimum of $4.5 million, a 600% hike from the current $750,000 minimum. Cartwright previously introduced a similar proposal just months after joining Congress in 2013.

Higher insurance liability coverage can allow law firms representing a victim suing truckers to collect greater sums.

Trucking industry advocates claim the bills would be devastating to small shipping companies and independent drivers who can’t afford to pay the higher premiums. They also say Cartwright stands to benefit directly from the legislation due to his wife’s work as an attorney who specializes in truck accident lawsuits and his own profit-sharing agreement with his family’s Pennsylvania-based personal injury law firm, Munley Law. [Washington Examiner]

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Critics of the bill claim this is a “blatantly obvious” move to help out attorney’s suing truckers. Watchdog groups who are overseeing the matter, claim Cartwright’s legislation is a conflict of interest.

Conflict? It should be criminal what this man is doing to line his own pockets.

“From our perspective, it’s blatantly obvious the motives behind the legislation are to economically improve the bottom line for attorneys that specialize in suing truckers,” said Todd Spencer, president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. “Should there be any integrity in our system at all, [Cartwright] should be recusing himself from involvement.”

The National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, said Cartwright’s involvement in the legislation posed an overt conflict of interest.

“Usually when House members try to push legislation from which they would benefit personally, they are a little more creative,” said Peter Flaherty, chairman of the NLPC. “Did Rep. Cartwright think no one would notice that before he entered Congress he sued trucking companies for a living? This is pretty clumsy.”

Cartwright and his wife have profit-sharing agreements with Munley Law valued at between $2 million and $10 million, according to Cartwright’s 2018 financial disclosure report. The firm was founded by Cartwright’s father-in-law, and the congressman worked at the company from 1988 until he was elected to Congress in 2012. [Washington Examiner]

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To make matters even worse, Cartwright’s wife works as an attorney for the firm and guess what her “speciality” is…

Commercial truck accident injuries.

These greedy scumbags have no shame.

Cartwright’s wife, Marion Munley, works as an attorney for the firm, where she specializes in commercial truck accident-related injury lawsuits. The legal group’s website currently displays a front-page banner touting a “record-breaking $26 million settlement” that Munley obtained in a “landmark truck accident case” in 2018.

Until July, Munley also served as chair of the Trucking Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice, a trial attorney trade group that has been lobbying for Cartwright’s bill, according to lobbying disclosure records. Munley sits on the organization’s board of governors and its executive committee, according to the association’s website. In 2018, the AAJ praised Munley in a press release, calling her a “titan of trucking litigation” who has helped “shape new laws.”

The organization applauded Cartwright’s bill in July, arguing that the existing required insurance minimums are outdated and don’t fairly compensate victims of truck accidents. [Washington Examiner]

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