NFL star quarterback Cam Newton’s is kicking off his 2019 in a disastrous way. As a matter of fact, we’re not sure it could get any worse.

Newton, who signed a five-year, $103.8 million contract extension in 2015, has lost his last eight starts.


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The Carolina Panthers quarterback is in his 9th season, and he was recently sidelined with a foot injury. Newton has not looked like his old self and people are not pointing to his foot…they’re pointing to his new diet.

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A local newspaper in Charlotte reported that Newton has been a vegan for about 8 months, and is eating no animal products.

During a recent news conference Newton stated that was getting “vegan strong.”


Well, he may want to rethink that, because recent medial reports say eating plant-based diets are actually making people sick. In one particular study from Oxford University, people who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet have an increased risk of stroke. Experts say the reason why is likely due to a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients.

This video from the Mayo Clinic discuses how Vegan diets are missing many essential nutrients.

These people need meat, for crying out loud!

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The Observer said it spoke to sports nutritionists, dietitians and trainers about Newton’s plant-based diet.

They all agreed that what Newton is or is not eating “may be contributing to his on-field struggles and his body’s ability to recovery from injury,” the newspaper reported.

One of the experts cited was Chris Howard, a certified nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach.

“Go back to 2015 Cam, badass Cam. He was a pescatarian,” Howard said. Pescatarians eat a lot of fish and seafood. “Salmon, shrimp, you get a lot of good fats and complete proteins. In fact, (fish) is one of the best protein sources there is.”

“Now you take away the most valuable part of that (diet), and … there’s just no way around it: He can’t recover as well with less nutrients, with less calories and with less muscle mass. It’s just not going to happen,” he added.

The player said in a March episode of his vlog that he wanted to “try something different,” adding, “I’m loving how I’m feeling.” [Bizpacreview]

Experts say that it’s possible for professional athletes to perform at a “high level” on a vegan diet, but it takes a great deal of overcompensating to do it. It’s difficult to get enough protein and calories from a plant-based diet, to perform at your peak in an NFL game.

Newton’s teammate Gerald McCoy had also gone vegan earlier in the year, but he quickly discovered that the diet did not work with his athletic career, so he had to go back to eating animal proteins. “Realistically for me, what I’ve had to do is I’m not fully vegan anymore. What I found out is, a guy my size, my stature, I was dropping body fat at a rapid rate. I was building muscle at a rapid rate, but it wasn’t sustainable for me.”

Below is a video of Cam Newton appeared in a bizarre video Friday, smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of wine discussing his poor play.

Let us know what you think about Cam Newtown’s season start and his vegan diet…Do you think his diet has anything to do with his rotten start?

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