Oh, Cory. You should know if you are already having a hard time raising funds, you have no voter support. It’s time to back down.

Sen. Cory Booker’s team released information to their donors and supporters that if they do not raise $1.7 million by the end of the month, their campaign is done. Well, here’s the kicker, it was done before it started. The truth of the matter is NOBODY likes Cory or his dramatic and emotional antics. He’s a primadonna, and maybe this loss for him will wake him up, and his message is not resonating across America.

Maybe we can work out a complicated scheme to have people donate a portion of their reparations check before they receive it, sort of like a payday loan place. Trump raised 15 Million in California of all areas in 48 hours. What does that tell you?

In a new internal memo, which was leaked and posted on Medium Saturday, Booker’s campaign manager Addisu Demissie said Booker needs to raise $1.7 million by Sept. 30 to be in a position to continue running for president. If not, Booker may not meet the “increase in the DNC’s debate-qualifying thresholds, which would require significant funds to meet.”

During a press call Saturday morning, Demissie made clear if Booker doesn’t raise $1.7 in the next 10 days, he will drop out.

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“We got in this race to win it,” Demissie said. “We’re not running for second place, and this is not an attention-getting effort for Cory Booker.”

At this stage, Booker’s campaign said it is starting to fall behind leading Democratic presidential contenders.

“Other campaigns have, in recent weeks, surpassed us in scale and begun spending on paid persuasion efforts online and on television,” Demissie said in the memo. With that in mind, “it is probable there are only four campaigns in this race with the money necessary to build and sustain the national organization needed to win the nomination.” [ABC News]

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He needs a lot more than money! He needs voters. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on Democrats all they will do is raise your taxes and tell you free college and Healthcare was more expensive then they thought and spend the money destroying our country.

America has a very serious problem. Just look for a moment at all the people on the left that are running for president of the United States. I start laughing when I try to figure out what they are up to.

Booker should drop out and concentrate more on his role as Mayor, getting clean water to the people of his city in Newark, NJ. My friends spent today hauling bottled water to the city only to be told to donate it to the churches as no public place is allowed to accept and distribute it to these unfortunate people because it will make the city look bad.

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The safe levels are not being met, but because it is close enough, the city wouldn’t admit and distribute the donated water. So sad. If Booker is allowing this to happen in just his city, I wonder what would happen if given a chance to run our country. So please drop out of the race now!

According to ABC News, “Booker only polled at 1% in the ABC News September poll. In that same poll, among 480 Democratic primary voters, former Vice President Joe Biden polled at 27%, Sen. Bernie Sanders at 19 percent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 17% and Sen. Kamala Harris at 7%.”

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