The mainstream media tells us day in and day out that President Trump and his “deplorable” supporters are causing and spreading violence, divisiveness, racism, and hate throughout the country.

Yet, every time we turn around, another vile and hateful liberal is attacking a conservative, either verbally, or physically – and the fake news media completely ignores it.

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Case in point – a black Republican congressman attended a pro-ICE rally in Colorado with conservative pundit Michelle Malkin. While he was there, he was verbally and racially assaulted by liberal counter-protesters who called him the “n-word.”

A black Republican candidate for U.S. Congress from Colorado said that he was called a vile name at a pro-ICE rally he attended Monday.

“I was at this ICE rally today with [Michelle Malkin] and was called Nigger by the Democrats protesting! They are very creative with names from their racist past!” Casper Stockham said.

Casper Stockham is running for Congress in Colorado’s 6th District, currently held by Rep. Jason Crow (D). Malkin and former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo rallied in support of ICE in Aurora, Colorado on Labor Day after the ICE facility there was subject to a terrorist attack at the hands of Antifa, including an anti-ICE rally in which the U.S. flag was taken down and replaced with a Mexican flag.

Stockham is a grassroots Republican candidate.

“The world of politics has devolved to the point where more often than not ONLY the rich and powerful have a voice. We will enact and monitor initiatives that give a voice, a platform and a remedy to those who have had no voice,” his campaign website says. ​

His top issues are reducing homelessness, ensuring veterans they have the services they need, and facilitating the creation of jobs in his district.

“I am running for Congress because I am tired of the lying, cheating, stealing and backroom deals that seem to always exclude the inner city and rural communities. I will listen to and serve all of CD6, not just the people who agree with or vote for me,” his site says.

The far-left, in its fervor and hatred for President Donald J. Trump and the causes Trump has championed – like closed borders – has turned into everything it claims to hate. They are avowedly “anti-racist,” at least according to them, but stories such as Stockham’s are common.  [Laura Loomer]

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The hate and divisiveness in this country is caused by liberals. Most of these people suffer from Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome and have lost the ability to use common sense or reason.

They’re living in an alternate reality where everybody who disagrees with them are “Nazis,” and where it’s okay to hurl racist slurs at black people who don’t vote Democrat.


These people need mental help and prayers.

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