Will comedians be the free-speech warriors to finally release us from the shackles of political correctness?

That’s what it’s looking like, as Dave Chappelle’s “Sticks and Stones” comedy special received raved review from Netflix viewers.

Critics hated it (reviewers from places like Vox, Vice, HuffPo, and Buzzfeed), but Americans loved the PC-bashing comedy special. It felt good to laugh freely again, and poke fun at everybody. Because truthfully, comedy and poking fun at one another is actually what unites us.

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Dave Chappelle used some comic sleight of hand before blasting cancel culture in his latest Netflix special.

Fellow comedian Bill Burr hit the same target seconds after walking on stage during his own Netflix hour, dubbed Paper Tiger.

Together, they struck a blow against the PC comedy police that’s already left a mark.

Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones drew copious conservative praise along with ire from the usual suspects, including The Root and Vice. [NewsBusters]

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If you’re hoping for more anti-PC “cancel culture” comedy, fear not, Netflix is running another special from a “fed up” comedian by the name of Bill Burr.

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Bill Burr starts his new Netflix special, taped at London’s Royal Albert Hall, targeting his fellow Americans.

“It’s exciting to be doing stand up outside of my own country…. every f***ing joke you tell, ‘Well what did you mean by that? I didn’t go the gym today, are you calling me fat?’”

“‘I feel f***ing triggered,’” he whined, in character.

Burr segued into the heat Bryan Cranston faced for playing a disabled man in The Upside.

“‘Why is there an able-bodied person playing a quadriplegic?’” Burr cried, using a beta-male tone not unlike the one Rush Limbaugh uses to mock the far left. “It’s called acting, you dumb f***.”

“Why didn’t you have a murderer play a murderer? And how come the guy he shot showed up in another movie? What the f*** is going on?” he continued.

From there, he mocked Hollywood for obsessing over diversity to an absurd degree. The co-pilot in the Top Gun sequel, for example, will be transgender and the plane will have a gender-neutral potty.

Can you imagine Jimmy Kimmel uncorking that routine? You can’t, because the post-The Man Show Kimmel wouldn’t dare attempt it?

All the more reason Burr’s comic rants matter. [Newsbusters]

You can watch the trailer for Burr’s “Paper Tiger” comedy special here (warning language):

However, it’s not just Burr and Chappelle leading the charge.

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Famed “bad boy” comedian Adam Carolloa and conservative Denis Prager will be debuting “No Safe Spaces” in theaters nationwide.

And, coming Oct. 25, comic Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager will bring No Safe Spaces to theaters nationwide. The film reveals the toxic impact of PC culture on, and more importantly off, campus. And yes that includes your neighborhood comedy club.

Meanwhile, the far-left Entertainment Weekly shared a new article smiting social critics eager to “cancel” NBC’s Friends 25 years later. The column is as woke as one would expect from EW, but the author argues older material shouldn’t be judged by 2019 standards.

Need more proof?

The details from the recent Alec Baldwin roast hit the web over the weekend. Turns out Caitlyn Jenner, on hand to skewer the 30 Rock alum, took heavy comic fire from her peers.

Did the media melt down over the trans jokes? That’s precisely what would have happened six months ago … or less. Remember the attacks on Chappelle for making trans jokes in his previous Netflix special?

Instead, media outlets shared the Baldwin jokes in toto, framing the night as one where Jenner gave as good as she got. You can sense Cosmopolitan itching to be outraged, but the far-left magazine holds its fire.

That’s how no holds barred roasts are supposed to function. [NewsBusters]

And let’s not forget the anti-PC Comedy Central show “South Park,” which makes fun of everybody under the sun, and slices and dices every taboo topic – they were just renewed for a jaw-dropping three more seasons.

Comedy Central announced on Thursday that it has given South Park another hefty three-season, 30-episode renewal. This means that the longest-running prime-time scripted series in cable, which is also TV’s longest-running animated series after The Simpsons, will run through at least a 26th season and 327 episodes.

South Park will surpass the 300-episode mark during its 23rd season, which kicks off Sept. 25 and represents the final season of the show’s previous three-season renewal deal. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who continue to write and direct every episode, the series about unruly Colorado kids remains a ratings force for the network; it has been the highest-rated cable comedy in prime time for six consecutive years in the 18-to-49-year-old demo. [Entertainment Weekly]

South Park is so edgy and dialed into liberal lunacy, that they successfully predicted the mass transgender hysteria years before it ever happened.

Liberals regularly use TV and movies to create twisted social norms and push their social justice agenda. It’s a powerful and effective way to push your message.

However, the issue that liberals are experiencing now, is that fed up Americans are tuning out those types of progressive-leaning “social justice” shows and specials. And if companies like Netflix want to continue making money, they need to air programming the masses want to see, like edgy anti-PC comedy shows.

So, in a way, we’re now flipping the script on liberals by using their media mechanism to push the destruction of the “cancel culture,” through comedy.

How can you help? Support these type of shows, and spread the word.

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