I know most of you think Cher is the craziest washed-up celebrity on Twitter, but I respectfully disagree. My money is on Bette Midler for being social media’s biggest tool.

Case in point – Ms.Midler, who is always searching for the “silver bullet” that will takedown Trump, believes she’s finally found it!

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No, it’s not a winning message from the Democrats, or putting the needs of Americans before illegal aliens, it’s also not strong leadership, or nation wide security…no.

The Devine Ms. B has something else up her sleeve that she’s mathematically-sure will defeat Trump…

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Leftist actress and Broadway singer Bette Midler announced her hopes that a “bee hive” would fuck up President Donald Trump, and fantasized about Beyonce mobilizing to defeat Trump in 2020.
“Beyoncé has 133 million Instagram followers,” Bette Midler said. “More than double the people who voted for Trump. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the BeyHive mobilized to defeat him? I also wouldn’t mind if a regular bee hive fucked his shit up.” [Breitbart]

Never mind that Beyonce’s 130 million+ followers are likely made up of kids, foreigners, and bots, Ms. Midler believes all these folks (and spam accounts) can unite, and work as one amazing force to bring down President Trump.

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Ha ha ha!

It was an odd fantasy all around. Beyoncé’s followers are not all voting-age Americans, millions are kids. Millions of them don’t live in the U.S. You can also be sure that many thousands are fake accounts and bots.

But one has to wonder if Midler now wants millions of foreigners to vote in America’s 2020 elections? Isn’t she the same Bette Midler who has for years, now, been decrying “foreign interference” in the 2016 election?

Violence is Midler’s constant line of attack. If she doesn’t like your politics, she wants you killed, crippled, or otherwise seriously harmed.

For years the 72-year-old actress has hit Twitter to indulge her violent and blood-soaked fantasies of death. [Breitbart]

Should somebody mention to Bette that Beyonce and Jay Z actually held an entire concert for Hillary, to try and get her elected?

And we all know how that turned out. 

The celebrity cavalry arrived for Hillary Clinton on Friday, as she took the stage with music icons Jay Z and Beyoncé in Cleveland, Ohio.

The power couple performed at a get-out-the-vote rally four days before the election, lighting up a crowd of thousands in the hopes of motivating them to get to the polls. Rapper Jay Z hosted a similar concert for Barack Obama in 2008 and declared to those in attendance in the battleground state: “Ohio, we are on the doorsteps of history.” [The Guardian]

Sorry Bette, but Trump won Ohio, too.

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