If the world wasn’t crazy enough, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has decided to promote over 100 genders to primary school children as part of its “Teach” video series.

Of course, parents and others are upset at this prospect.

“You know, there are so many gender identities. We know that we have got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now,” said the head teacher.

It’s like there are trying to give young brains psychosis. That way, they become victims, and the left seems to be all about victims.
Fixing their future voting base?

Whatever their motive, it’s a criminal act. It should be fought with brutal force, and the criminals should be given the death penalty.

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It is pure charlatanry. Gender theory is unproven and unprovable, and a bizarre academic construct. With mutable and inchoate “gender” categories, there is no way even to support it through the scientific method, as results are admittedly not replicable, by its advocates.

This, of course, has serious implications for anyone trying to base public policy (and spending) on gender theory. It cannot stand up to the test of “science.” And the left does have an unnatural preoccupation with science, in the hope that it will someday validate or vindicate its agendas. But if they stick to any rigorous science, then gender theory will not make the cut.

How do we stop this?

An easy start would be to abolish the BBC, but the vast majority of British people don’t care enough to stop paying the bizarre regressive tax that funds it, let alone vote for someone to end it. It’s easier to tell yourself that the BBC – and the NHS – is ‘the envy of the world’ than to admit that your values have made acid attacks, child rape and thoughtcrime the areas where Britain now leads.

It has taken 60 years for the globalists/new Marxists/progressives to bring Western civilization to the brink of destruction, but the internet has created an awakening and pushback. As a result, the enemy, now in control of the media, including advertising, are doubling down in panic. This draws even more attention to their propaganda techniques, e.g., Gillette.

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With the police and military paralyzed and demoralized by PC, I think citizens are going to take matters into their own hands increasingly. Outside of the cities, and unreported by the MSM, migrant centers are being burned, and vigilantes are operating. In the US, there are proponents of separate ethnic-states.

Remember back when if you voiced concern the LGBT lobby aimed to teach children, you were roundly mocked and labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist?’

Yeah, good times…This is going to get ugly.

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