On Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) told her non-thinking flock that the United States cannot call itself an “advanced society” until it guarantees the right to housing, health care, and education.

AOC slammed the state of housing in American calling it “barbarism.”

AOC: “Holla if you’re paying too much for rent! You are, and it is extortion”

“It is time that we stop commodifying the housing market because it is not a speculative investment. It is a basic right for all Americans,” she said, accusing the rich of using the market to “launder their money”

She is probably playing off of Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s call for a revolution.

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Why is it so hard for AOC to understand that having rights does not make it so the government has to provide it for us? Everyone has the right to housing but they have to work for it. Not having a place to live is not the fault of the government,

What is “barbaric,” Ms. Cortez, is allowing people like yourself, who have absolutely no awareness, let alone understanding, of the laws of the United States, to hold positions as members of Congress. Your utter stupidity has been evident since the day you announced your candidacy. At every point you have opened your mouth, you have reaffirmed my first impression that you are an utter disgrace and a fool.

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It is not the government that grants the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Ms. Cortez. It is the Creator himself. People may argue as to the nature of that higher power, but those that founded the country held that belief because it provided a moral force to counter the tyranny of a dictatorial monarch.

Now, with regard to your issue with housing. It already is the policy of the United States government to enable people to buy their own homes. The United States already has public housing projects. One would think that the 2008 recession and the repeated failure of public housing projects would illustrate the absurdness of your request. Do you honestly believe that comparing the United States housing policy to that of the Dark Ages is legitimate? If so you are a bigger fool than I could possibly imagine (and I can imagine a substantial amount).

If she thinks it’s bad now, after her green new deal, people will be living in holes scratched in the ground. She doesn’t know the difference between rights and entitlements. A right is something you’re born with, and an entitlement is something given to you, and usually paid for by others.

“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher

Let her keep talking. She’s pushing Trump to victory. Never interrupt your enemy while they’re in the middle of a mistake.

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The media has made AOC the face of the Democrat party and their candidates for POTUS are being forced to support her positions. Will the majority of Americans vote for free health care, free education, free housing, student loan forgiveness, reparations paid to people who have never been slaves, elimination of fossil fuels, open borders, etc when it’s obvious that those policies would bankrupt and destroy the country?

The Dem Communists have the media and the spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome but not much else going for them. Let AOC keep running her mouth and pulling the Democrats farther and farther left.

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