Maureen Maloney, whose son was killed in 2011, when a drunk illegal alien hit him and dragged him a quarter of a mile underneath his truck, testified before her State House against a bill that would give illegal aliens drivers licenses.

The grieving Angel Mom said a quick prayer to her son, asking for strength and help before she began telling the gut-wrenching story of his death.

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About 3 minutes into her heartbreaking story, a protester in the chamber began booing the grieving mother.

My God, these liberals are the most soulless, hateful people. 

A mom who loses a child should always be afforded respect.

But that courtesy wasn’t extended to Maureen Maloney, whose son was killed in 2011 by an illegal immigrant driving drunk.

Maloney prayed to her son for strength Wednesday as she drove to the State House to testify against a controversial bill that would give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.

“I was just asking him to guide me with my testimony and help me to not have anger in my heart towards the other side,” said Maloney, whose son, Matthew Denice, was dragged to death. “Just do some work through me, use me to try to save other lives.”

At the start of her testimony, Maloney held up a photo of Matthew and recalled how he was killed by an illegal immigrant drunk behind the wheel. About halfway into her 3 minutes of testimony, a man behind Maloney booed the grieving mother.

“It just made me more determined,” said Maloney, who called the heckling disrespectful.

Maloney said she didn’t respond to the heckler and kept speaking. [Boston Herald]

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Please watch this beautiful tribute video celebrating the life of Maureen’s son, Matthew Denice.


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