Someone give this teacher a medal, because he’s a real hero.

A teacher who hails from St. Paul won a large settlement against the local school district over retaliation he faced for speaking out against the district’s race-based student discipline policies and “white privilege” training courses that the teacher deemed “racist.”

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The school was seeking to reduce the number of black student suspensions by way of a program that lowered the expectations for behavior and increasing the threshold for suspensions. The same type of program is being implemented in California, and now many kids are completely out of control and beating teachers senseless.

Watch this video of an incident that recently occurred in California between students and a teacher.

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Aaron Teacher Benner repeatedly argued that is approach worked against the best interests of black students by lowering expectations for them, and blaming “white privilege” for their bad behavior. The school retaliated against him and forced him out of his teaching job in 2017, so he sued the district, and was just awarded a half million dollar settlement.

The St. Paul School Board approved a $525,000 payout last Tuesday to settle a federal lawsuit Brenner filed in 2017 alleging the district forced him out of his teaching position with numerous bogus personnel investigations in the 2014-15 school year, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Benner argued the investigations came in retaliation for complaints to the school board about race-based student discipline policies implemented by then Superintendent Valeria Silva and promoted by President Obama. The discipline policies aimed to reduce suspensions of black students by lowering the expectations for behavior and increasing the threshold for suspensions, something Benner repeatedly, publicly argued was against the best interests of black students.

The “restorative justice” approach to student discipline was accompanied by “white privilege” teacher training sessions that cost the district taxpayers more than $3 million. Those sessions focused on the “white privilege” theory that the public education system is hopelessly stacked against black students, who shouldn’t be held accountable for poor academics or bad behavior.

In St. Paul and hundreds of schools across the country, the “white privilege” training sessions were conducted by Pacific Educational Group, also known as PEG. [American Mirror]

We love to hear about the good guys wining! This is what happens when we actually fight back against these twisted and failed liberal polices.

Benner told the Minnesota Star Tribune that he credits God for the favorable outcome. “I thank God for all the blessings in my life,” he wrote in an email to the news site. “I turned 50 this year, got married in July and now (there is) this settlement.”

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