Antifa gets away with this domestic abuse against Americans because they are protected by lawmakers and the opposition media.

The media has run a game on the American people claiming that Trump supporters are trouble makers and violent when it is actually Antifa and a lot of left-wing anti-Trump protesters.

Right wing-antifa protest, August 17, 2019

Watch: Right-wing groups, antifa protest in downtown Portland, August 17, 2019. Story details here:

Posted by KOIN 6 on Saturday, August 17, 2019

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On Saturday, Antifa’s agenda was to shut down the “End Domestic Terrorism” Rally led by Joe Biggs, the Proud Boys, and other pro-Trump groups who got together at the Willamette River before marching across the Morrison bridge to downtown.

To this day, I have not seen the Portland authorities do anything to reign in the blatant Antifa violence. But now they are going to stand strong against not against Antifa but the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally and march. In other words, business as usual in radical Portland.

Stop giving Antifa not only a free pass but stop allowing criminal politicians to support and help them. Charge the politicians for their support just as harshly, and more so, than the masked/unmasked criminal.

It is a sad state if you take peoples right to anonymity away just because a group you don’t like uses a means to do so. We are supposed to be able to walk, talk, peacefully protest, live, laugh, and go about our daily lives without government demanding our papers.

Stop trying to remove the rights of people and giving more illegal powers to corrupt tyrannical government to be used to help enslave the citizenry. You have the right to give up your rights, but not mine. Stop attacking my rights for your false belief of safety.

Those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither.

Liberals cannot stand debate, opposition, or any kind of freedom of expression not sanctioned by the left.

‘It is easier to commit atrocities in the public square when you are hiding your identity! That informs us of all we need to know about ANTIFA. Their ideology is noise. They say everything in their very presence.

Seattle was headed down this path after ’99 WTO riots. For almost a decade after that, Antifa and anarchists, and violent leftists would show up every year for the May Day riots.

And then there was a shift in police policy driven by outraged citizens. Basically, the police started cracking heads. These violent leftists don’t come to Seattle anymore to cause trouble.

This is all about leadership and the Portland mayor and city council condoning the behavior. They are afraid to stand up to these thugs because to a large extent they are their base.


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