CNN’s April Ryan was about to give a speech at a dinner in New Jersey when security stopped her, asked her a question and then proceeded to walk toward a journalist/camera operator and physically removed his camera.

The journalist, Charlie Kratovil, didn’t go quietly as he had been invited to cover the dinner. The video below captures the entire incident. One thing to note is that later in the video, Kratovil sounded as if he were being manhandled and removed from the premises.

Who is the young woman at 2:48, and what is she saying? I can hear woman: “I need this guy to get out of here right now. How dare you come in here against [garbled]’s you get like th…”

Charlie Kratovil, a local New Jersey journalist and editor of New Brunswick Today, told his story on Twitter of covering the 4th annual New Jersey Parent Summit, where Ryan was speaking on August 3. You can see the thread below. He explained that he went through all the proper channels, documenting his story with evidence, along the way. According to Fox News, they also saw the emails showing “Kratovil had previously RSVP’d to the event and received confirmation.”

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As Ryan was about to speak, Kratovil was approached by Ryan’s bodyguard who refused to identify himself, but demanded the journalist stop filming. When he explained he had proper clearance to film and refused to shut off his camera, he was violently ejected from the event, and Ryan’s security stole his camera. The venue’s surveillance cameras recorded the incident, and Kratovil took video of what he could capture, which he posted to YouTube. [Newsbusters]

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Ryan is a perfect example of what racism looks like in this country. Can you imagine if the White House did this to her when she acted belligerent to former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders?

This racism by Ryan is not seen in the malls, service centers, Walmarts, Costco, or other everyday activities. It is primarily conjured up by the progressive media who daily convince their minority viewers that they are victims of racism and that they should be outraged. Look around at everyday civility in public, and you see none except at Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protests.

Let’s hear more about how President Donald Trump is the one inciting violence.


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