In another embarrassing flub, 2020 hopeful Joe Biden was speaking to a group of people about his former boss, President Obama, but appeared unable to remember his name.

It’s ironic that Biden can’t recall Obama’s name since he’s based most of his campaign on being Obama’s BFF.

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The video was recorded at a recent campaign stop and is one of a whole host of gaffes and blunders that Biden has become famous for, and which have raised legitimate concerns about his mental fitness. People are starting to wonder if a couple of the screws have come loose in Grandpa Joe’s brain.

“Joe Biden appears to forget Barack Obama’s name,” the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra posted to Twitter with a video of the 76-year-old’s remarks.

Biden was discussing how Russia was disinvited from the then G8 summit under President Obama “because they invaded another country and annexed a significant portion of it called Crimea.

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“He was saying it was president …,” Biden continued with a long pause, “my boss, it was his fault.”

Two months ago Biden posted an image to Twitter of “Barack” and “Joe” friendship bracelets, and Biden has repeatedly touted his relationship with the 44th president during stops with black voters.

Another video of the same talk posted by RNC Research shows Biden referring to the Group of Seven – U.S., Canada, France, Japan, Germany, England and Italy – as the G8, rather than the G7 as its been since 2014.

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During the same campaign stop, Biden referred to the “G7 Summit” as the “G8 Summit,” while he was touting his amazing foreign policy expertise.

As each day goes by on the campaign trail, it’s clear that Grandpa Joe is way out of his element.


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