Italy’s Stromboli volcano erupted off the coast of Sicily on Wednesday and a boat that just happened to be in the water at the time raced for its life as the smoke cloud seemed as if it were targeting them.

Just as the eruption started

According to the Insider, Elana Schiera, a 19-year-old Sicily resident and his friends were on the water boating just when the Stromboli eruption started. As they picked up speed to outrun the ash, the large cloud of smoke started to speed up to their position but slowed down as the boat hit that extra gear of speed.

The 19-year-old does contend that she and her friends were never in danger.

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The new explosion was distinctly felt by tourists and residents who are on the island and in the nearest ones of the archipelago. A very high column of smoke is visible even several kilometers away. The spill of lapilli and other incandescent material caused a fire on the summit area of ​​the volcano and in the district Forgia Vecchia, on the slope of the built-up area of ​​Stromboli. Other small outbreaks are recorded in the area of ​​Ginostra, where many people to protect themselves from falling ash and other volcanic material gathered in the church of the tiny hamlet reachable only by sea. Just in Ginostra the hiker Massimo Imbesi, 35 years of Milazzo, died last July 3, caught by surprise by the explosion while he was on a path with a friend who had instead saved himself. [UK24]

How would you have handled this?

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