Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is like the next Michael Avanetti – trying to make a name for himself by bashing Trump. You would think CNN would have learned its lesson by now.

It reflects badly on Trump that he ever thought the guy was up to being press secretary. But yeah, Scaramucci comes off looking like a loser here.

The President controls the bully pulpit. He’s focused on the word bully more than he has the word pulpit…he’s allowing for a license for people to hate each other,” Scaramucci said.

While people on the hill may hate Trump’s guts, that’s what we who voted for him LOVE! It’s refreshing to have a president who cares about the American taxpayer finally. You certainly couldn’t say that about Barack Obama or past presidents. I am pretty sure that every discussion in the Obama White House began with “how is this going to harm the middle class? or what can we get out of this and how can we maximize our success over the forgotten man”

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No one nowhere can point to a single Obama policy which helped the American middle class–the taxPAYERS.

The Mooch seems off the rails. Something else going on here. It’s fair to criticize Trump, of course, but the rambling responses from Scaramucci are weird. He is done, and after his 15 minutes of fame are up, he will be begging anyone who will listen to talk with him. He made a bad judgment call.


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