The infamous #TrumpCurse strikes again…This time against disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen, who is attempting to sue the Trump organization for nearly $4 million dollars.

The New York State judge ruled against Mr. Cohen, who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence, stating he will be held responsible for paying his nearly $4million dollars in legal fees.

Cohen filed the lawsuit back in March, stating that the Trump Organization promised to cover any legal fees Cohen incurred due to the Russia probe.

According to reports, the Trump Organization did pay some of Mr. Cohen’s fees but stopped paying once it was clear that Mr. Cohen was cooperating with the Mueller investigation in order to save his own hide.

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Michael Cohen lost a major part of his lawsuit against the Trump Organization.

A New York state court judge ruled Wednesday that Trump’s former personal lawyer will have to be responsible for most of his own legal fees, dismissing most of the now-incarcerated Cohen’s claims in a lawsuit seeking nearly $4 million.

Justice Joel Cohen tossed much of Cohen’s lawsuit which he filed back in March, claiming the Trump Organization had promised to cover the legal costs he incurred related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The company apparently did pay some of the fees but stopped after reports that Cohen was planning to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

In a hearing earlier this month, the judge questioned Cohen’s claim wondering how the verbal agreement he had with the real estate company could be valid.


The Trump Organization had accused Cohen of trying to score a “payday” and asked that the lawsuit be dismissed earlier this year.

Cohen, who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in 2018 to campaign finance violations, can still have his costs reimbursed for proceedings and investigations that were pending in July 2017.


But the former Trump attorney’s claim to have his criminal fines and penalties covered by the company was not approved by the judge who ruled that it was “void as against public policy.” []

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You may recall the tweet President Trump published just after Cohen was revealed to be a rat.

Mr. Cohen was disbarred before reporting to prison, so it’s anyone’s guess how on earth he’ll manage to pay back the nearly $4 million dollars in legal fees.

Perhaps Mr. Cohen should “learn to code.” 

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