On Tuesday, Bari Weiss, New York Times columnist ripped the opposition media on their one-sided, biased coverage of Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib’s canceled trip to Israel.

Omar was barred from the country because of Israel’s law that prohibited those who support boycott action against the country, entry. Tlaib was also banned, but her case was a little different as she petition to follow the rules of the country so that she could visit her ailing grandmother. Israeli officials rescinded the ban and allowed her access, but Tlaib turned it down hours later and waged a public relations war against the country, claiming they were trying to silence her voice.

Weiss was shocked that the opposition media is not covering the fact that both Omar and Tlaib’s trip was “sponsored by a group that had published neo-Nazi blood libels” and supports suicide bombers.”

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“One of the huge stories this week was that fact that Benjamin Netanyahu decided to bar the entry of two Democratic members of Congress Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel based on Trump’s bullying him into that position. He reversed course.

Now, that’s a huge story, one I wrote a column about, but another huge story, one that isn’t being covered by any mainstream paper or network is the fact that their trip to Israel, or as they called it ‘Palestine,’ was being sponsored by a group that literally published neo-Nazi blood libels and said that it supported female suicide bombers, hailing them as heroes. That’s a scandal,” Weiss said.

“If someone like Steve King went to Norway or Sweden to meet with neo-Nazi groups, that would be front page news.”

Although she got it wrong about Trump bullying Netanyahu into the position of banning both representatives, Weiss was right to bring up the group sponsoring them.

I am glad these women are not doing much to hide their hatred of Israel or US government. They should be openly hateful than deceitfully working in secret to undermine both countries.

I am not for US taxpayers providing international aid, but Israel is probably the one place where it could be a good investment. Israel’s work to monitor and help prevent potential terrorist threats rising from Middle Eastern countries helps us significantly.

When I say that both representatives were scheduled to make a trip to Israel, I have to correct myself because they never planned to go to Israel. Their printed agenda had them visiting “Palestine,” a place that only exists in fairy tales.

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If they wanted to visit Israel, they could have gone with the Congressional Delegation that was already scheduled. This entire issue was a set-up from the beginning with the ending of aid to Israel as the end goal.

It is truly tragic to see a Reporter trying to claw their way free of the Modern Media’s de facto censorship of the most obvious truths of these matters. We are what we take for granted, and we now consider the most blatant political partisanship imaginable on the part of our “News” sources as such. We don’t even stop to think about how bad and how dangerous it truly is anymore, and it is getting much worse as the Left spirals downward.


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