So instead of working for America Congress has spent time and money that’s not theirs to spend so frivolously on a quest of an emotional trail of angst.

After listening to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller give a press conference and sit in front of Congress for two hearings, I do not believe he was a major part of the Russian investigation. I think his minions ran and completed the work. I am positively sure he did not write the report or even bother to read it before he testified.

Every taxpayer in the United States should be upset about this, but most of won’t find it out because they are not looking at the right TV station CNN and it rest would never let them know this

The special counsel’s office directly spent about $16.4 million since it was brought into the fold in May 2017. Mueller spent approximately $6.56 million in the last eight months of the probe, of which $4.12 million was personally spent from the special counsel’s office, and the Justice Department used up $2.44 million to assist Mueller’s work, according to CNBC.

The nearly $32 million price tag, Politico reports, covered all expenditures through May 31, two months after Mueller wrapped up his investigation and the Justice Department released his 448-page report, with redactions, detailing Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, but did not find a criminal conspiracy between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

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Though Mueller’s investigation carried an expensive cost, DOJ officials would have accrued $15.3 million throughout the inquiry regardless if Mueller had been brought in to serve as special counsel. The biggest component of Mueller’s receipts covered salaries and benefits, with $9.7 million allocated to the various lawyers, FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, and other personnel who assisted with the investigation.

Mueller’s office also revealed it spent $3.1 million on rent, communications, and utilities, and $1.6 million was allocated for travel and personal transportation. [Washington Examiner]

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What a colossal waste of money all started by a bunch of people that should be punished for their political line tactics. What a colossal waste of money all started by a bunch of people that should be punished for their political line tactics.

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Democrats don’t care how they spend our money, and some of them knew it was a lie from the beginning all to ruin a President that beat them in an election. Why wasn’t the ORIGIN of the FICA/Dossier investigated? What was the date that they found no interference but continued anyway?

The Mueller investigation has been a rip-off from day one. Politicians, individual Congressional members and attorneys got the money, and the citizen‘s of this Nation got the screws.


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