I guess John McCain has been dead for over a year now and now the liberal media wants to roll in his wife, Cindy, out to the public to praise this man who was a two-time losing presidential candidate that helped push the Steele Dossier against Pres. Trump without even checking to see if it was true.

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Cindy appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” with Johnathan Karl when she said without remorse that the country under the leadership of President Donald Trump was “not well.”

Karl: “Are you surprised at the way the Republican Party has marched lockstep with President Trump?”

McCain: “I’m surprised at a lot of things. This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln that I have seen, nor the party of Ronald Reagan. We’re the ones who should be nonpartisan. We’re the ones who should be working for the good of all. I believe this pendulum is going to swing back. I don’t know when. But I just don’t believe we’re going to stick right here on this side that’s just disruptive and mean and non-progressive.”

She added: “Our country is not well right now. We’re not. You know, we need to get our act together number one and step back and take a breath. You know, this country’s made up of immigrants, we’re made up of people of every color, every creed, and that’s what makes us special. To somehow side up black and white, brown and white, or whatever it may be, it’s just wrong. It’s not who we are.”

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If Cindy is talking about compromising with Democrats, it doesn’t work, and it is proven. The lesson we learned by compromising with the left is the conservatives always give up something, which should say something about who is losing rights here.

Cindy, I’ve always liked you, but your husband was not well in the last few years of his life. He put his feud with Trump ahead of the American people. That’s his legacy. Our country is doing well under Pres. Trump. Like his style or not – facts are facts.

Amazing how John is now the hero of liberal and the commiecrats, yet he was called a racist and anything else they can think of during the 2008 election. Now that he is dead, he is their hero. How pathetic. Mccain was not a hero; he was a political hack and possibly a traitor during the Vietnam war if you talk to people that served with him. Sorry, this man gets no respect from me when all he did was serve himself and his needs. He threw all of us under the bus.

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I will admit that McCain was better than Barack Obama in 2008, but, he lost because he didn’t want to fight, and I think that made him bitter, especially when Pres. Trump won. Unfortunately, McCain also tried to compromise with the radical left, which put him so far left, that he wasn’t a Republican anymore.

There can never be any compromise with the Socialists!


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